Monday, February 23, 2009

Wedding Planning Frenzy

I looked at my bookmarks on my computer screen. I have at least 100 bookmarks on everything related to weddings. I found myself lost in the beautiful bridal bouquets, bridal gowns, veils... I don't know what and which to choose. I looked at my long list of things to plan for for this wedding and I could not take my eyes of it. There are tooooooo many things to do. TOO many things to do and I felt myself getting panic attack and hyper-ventilation (man, this word really reminds me of Stephanie Meyer and her fictional character, Bella Swan). 

I knew I would get overwhelmed by this whole planning task if I don't delegate. So I talked to my personal wedding planner, Vicky, who actually gave me more things to add to my already-very-long list. She was such a pro. I love her to death for helping me search the internet for my upcoming close-to perfect wedding. She gave me tons of good suggestions and let me choose what I want for the wedding reception. It's hard to plan for a wedding when I am so far away from St.George, Utah. So, my wonderful friends in St.George, including Leighton's mom, has helped me so much! My beautiful mom also helped me a bunch. We went and have a chinese traditional dress made. Thank you guys, I love you!!! 

Leighton has been telling me what a fickle person I am. And it is so true. I can never make up my mind on what I want. I guess that's cause I don't really know what I want, and there are just too many things that I want and I can't have them's painful to choose. Anyways, you wanna know how many things that I was stuck at because of my inability to make decision quickly?? Let me name them.

a)Which temple to get married in? St.George or Salt Lake? If you know me, you should know why I am having such a hard time deciding this. I chose St.George in the end because it's the closest to us and Leighton's family.'s beautiful too. Even though not as beautiful as SLC temple, but's beautiful. In fact, it is so beautiful that I want to take hundreds of pictures there. I think I will be happy with St.George temple, right? 

b) What wedding theme? Winter theme, Garden theme, or Fairytale theme? 
Believe it or not, I actually planned for every single wedding theme above. But I have gotten over the dilemma and chose Winter theme, of course. I don't know what got into my head when I was brainstorming to choose the other two themes. Winter theme is absolutely perfect for me. I love winter time. It has been my dream to get married during the winter time, with snow, but not snowing, and minus the cold. Why has it always been my dream to get married in the winter? Because my face would not be shiny in the winter season. Simple as that. :)'s actually cause I think it's so beautiful. I want to be an ice-princess. 

c) Flowers. This is by far the hardest decision ever! I know I want blue flowers. But there are many blue flowers in this world. What best describe me? What do I like best? My favorite flower is actually not blue. It's bright sunny yellow sunflower. But this is winter theme we are talking about, so, no yellows. And I found my dream bouquet, the one that caused me to yelled, "THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" in my mind. It's oh-so-beautiful I couldn't take my eyes off my computer screen. 

d) Centerpieces. Why is this even a big deal to me? I really don't know. But I care about what is on the table. I care about the silverware, the candles, the vases, the place cards, the favors. And the centerpieces ARE of utmost importance to me. It's in the center of the table, it draws attention. It should be beautiful and elegant. Therefore, it took me weeks to figure out what centerpieces I want to use in my wedding. 

e) Favors. I once read somewhere on a website that favors in a wedding are unnecessary and cutting them out is one of the best ways to cut cost. Since I was trying to stay within the budget, I at first had decided not to give favors away. But then I thought, it's a way to acknowledge and appreciate your guests, so why save your gratitude? After given it much thought (it took me days to think about it) and many dead brain cells (I keep imagining my brain cells dying FROM thinking too much, though Leighton told me that's not how our brain cells die), I have decided to be creative and voila! I now know what to do with the wedding favors. 

f) The wedding invitation. I am not artistic at all and I have no designing skills, so this task was impossible for me. Luckily, I have this wonderful genius friend, Nikki Yoder, who happens to be soooooooooooo good at designing, who so willingly helped me made a few samples of the invites. I, of course, gave her a hard time because of my fickleness. But we made it in the end. She made me a very very beautiful wedding invite. I love it sooo much, I can't wait to have them printed and sent. 

g) Wedding veil. Hahaha... I was so stressed out about this. It's crazy, I know. Things that are important to me sometimes are just so bizarre, such as the sashes for the chairs, and the ribbons on the favor bags. I am obsessed with details. I can't help it. They stand out to me. They are not small in my eyes. They are the first things I noticed before I see what the main subjects are. So yes...I care about the material of my veil and I care about the pattern. Fortunately, I found it. I couldn't stop talking about it to my friend at school. I totally bored her to the point that she decided not to talk to me for days. haha...

h) the list goes on! I can't believe it's already bed time. I think I have bored you enough. I'll sign out now. If you have read so far down the list and you got to this point, let me just say, THANK YOU! for staying with me. >< 

Finally, I never thought that wedding planning can be so stressful and time-consuming. I have been planning for my dream wedding ever since Leighton's proposal(which is almost a year ago. We've been engaged for way too long). I've been playing in my head, again and again, what my wedding would be like, how we would feel on that day, and how I would remember that day in the future. To me, everything that happens creates important memories for us. We may even need the sweet memories to get us through hard times. That is why making the wedding closeto perfection is so important to me. However, I do have to clarify that I know my wedding day will only be ONE of the best days in my life. Leighton and I are going to have many "best days" in our lives. I hope you will have many wonderful days in your lives too. Cheers. 


Leighton Whiting said...

Wow, this is a good post. I have to add that Sharon has been amazing getting everything planned out. She is so diligent and organized, basically the opposite of me in many ways. Without her, I would totally be lost. Thanks, darling ;)

Nikki said...

This is true Leighton!!! Always appreciate your Sharon. Her brain will always be on the go and working a billion times more than yours! j/k

Sharon, you are so great! I loved how you described yourself and how you are going about planning your wedding. It makes mine sound like such a breeze haha!! I guess I didn't have much to think about in 3 months time though. You have had so much time!!

Also, I am glad you settled on an invite, although I do wish I could have made one like the red one that you liked so much. I hope they turn out great and the colors aren't too off! It's always hard to tell when designing.

Anyways, once in a while give yourself a little breather. Planning a wedding is fun and a unique experience! Enjoy as much as is humanly possible!!

Love ya!

Esther said...
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Irene said...

I enjoy your blog and happy for you and Leighton.