Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Story # 158: Adversity..Just leave!

My msn title is "Adversity...Leave me alone!" because of what I have been going through since about a year ago. Well, it all started with after Leighton proposed. 

There was the couple months of separation that I survived. Now that I think of it, 2 months really isn't a long time to wait. But at that time, it felt like forever. 

When Leighton came to Malaysia, we were waiting to hear back from the USCIS about the Petition for Fiancee that he has filed for me. It was suppose to take 6 months to wait. I waited very impatiently for a couple of months to get a mail from them saying that we were missing a consent letter from me. So I sent that in almost immediately (Gosh..I hate snail mails). From then, we waited for 5 months plus. It was the longest wait I ever had to wait for anything. This was something that I wanted most and I had to wait the longest for it. Now I see how that works. Now I understand why waiting at the line in the cafeteria really isn't that big of a deal. 

The day we got the email from the USCIS saying that the petition is approved and we could now start applying for the US Visa, I was ecstatic. That's an understatement. I jumped up and down like a small kid and shouting the whole time, "Yay, yay, yay!" If there was a pool of mud on the ground, I would roll in it. That was how happy I was. Then, we found out we needed to wait for 2 months plus to hear back from the US embassy here in Malaysia. That was not too long. But still...another wait? I wanted to holler! 

I was sick of people asking me, "When are you getting married?" "Do you have a date for your wedding yet?" "When are you going back to the U.S" Almost everyone that saw me ask me questions like that, even my students would not let me off of that. Each time I had to answer, "I don't know" makes me angrier. 

Then the day came when they finally send us a mail telling us the date of the Visa Interview. Then all of the time that we spent waiting didn't matter to me anymore. I finally got what I was waiting for. 8 months. It has finally come to an end. An end of waiting. 

But the adversity would not leave me alone. I see the waiting as an adversity because I know at some point of my waiting period, I wanted to quit. In fact, I wanted to just stay in Malaysia and not go back to the U.S anymore because there was just too much to do and too long to wait. I could be a happy married lady already if not for that! I guess I would look back one day and say, "All the time that we have spent waiting was worth it." But now, it doesn't feel like that to me. 

So, like I said, the trials just keep coming. After we bought the ticket to go back to the U.S. (We found some good deals on Travelocity.com), we were told that one of the airlines doesn't take e-tickets and we have to wait for them to send us the real paper ticket. *Wide eyes* Holy freak! That's ancient. Okay, so we waited for the real paper ticket. Then *boom* and email came and say, "Oh you know what, the cancelled the flight." So we immediately called the travelocity and had them explain everything to us and get us another plane ticket. The new plane tickets were more expensive than the ones that we previously booked. They said they would pay for the difference. That settles, right? No. We never got any confirmed emails and had to call like 6 or 7 times to get those two darn tickets. Yesterday, I thought, "All is well and we finally got the tickets and they pay for the difference!" I realized today that that was just an adversity in disguise. They did charge us the 500 dollars difference and what is worse is they freaking charged another 200 bucks for who-knows-what. 

Leighton just got off the phone and said they would drop the charge. I hope that is not another adversity waiting around the corner. Because this time, I am ready to punch it right in the face. 

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Leighton Whiting said...

Remember, adversity makes us become more Christ-like, at least there is that. Reminds me of an old post I made last year: http://blog.leightonwhiting.com/2008/06/study-journal/