Saturday, March 07, 2009

I am so excited...

There are many things I am excited about and looking forward to do. As you all pretty much guessed what I am going to say, I am sooooooo excited for my wedding in April. Oh my gosh, I have worked my bottom off trying to get everything, seriously everything, ready. I feel like a super woman. I feel great. 

I guess I am lucky because Leighton and I have SO much to plan for for our wedding. *I am a planning freak. It makes me happy to plan for something even if the process drive me up the wall sometimes.* This wedding planning has helped me realized what I am capable of and what really is important for me in my life. Initially, my mother was saying she might not be coming to my wedding in the U.S because of how expensive the airfare these days are. But she finally decided to come because she loves me and she wants to be there on my big day. My sister is coming too so I am super happy because I want my family to be there when I get married. I am typing this I get so pumped up about my wedding. I wish I could fast forward the time so I don't have to wait so long. I will definitely share pictures and details of my wedding here. 

I am also very excited about quitting my job soon. I seriously don't think I should be a teacher. I simply don't have what it takes to be a teacher. I have no patience, no experience, and no desire to teach. I am working as a teacher simply because my principal asked me to help out at my old school, I was jobless when I first got home from the U.S, the pay was so good, and there are tons of holidays. So, going to work everyday pretty much was a torture for me this past 10 months. But money is cute so I care less of my suffering. However, there's one thing I have learnt (there are actually many things that I have learnt, but this one is more important than the others) from this job. That is, don't work at a job which you have no passion for because you might end up hating everything and everyone associated to it. Of course, there are good things that might come of it too...I just don't see that now. Maybe someday I'll be able to realize what good I have done or what precious lessons I have learnt from it. 

Thirdly, I am currently so stoked about writing. I have always loved writing. Writing makes me feel good. I am not the best writer and I have yet to discover my strengths and weaknesses in writing. But I am definitely a passionate writer. I have not been writing ever since I last July. I was writing a story on a girl named, Judy. I was two pages into the story when I realized I am having one of those writer's block. So, I stopped writing. As time went by, I got busier and busier and the story was quickly forgotten. Recently, my cousin, Joan, showed me a Chinese novel she had written. It was about a girl time traveled back to the Three Kingdom dynasty in China. I read chapters of it and I loved it so much. I have always wanted to write a fiction using the history as a guideline for the setting. It's like an escape for me from the modern time and go back to when my ancestors were living their lives. So, I was inspired. After a conversation with Leighton, I decided I would continue to write and I would create something great. His favorite genre was sci-fi, which I absolutely hate to read. But he also loves fantasy, which I mildly like. I thought about all kinds of plots and none sparked interest in me. Then, one day when I was supervising the students during their exam, my mind wandered and I found my story. Now, I am on my way to creating a great story. I can't wait to finish the story and share it with you. Here's the sneak peek of my draft. Enjoy and please tell me what you think. 

Until then, toodle-oo. 

Cossette’s hands were cold. She put her hands to her eyes, trying to wipe away the tears rolling in the tear ducts. She took a deep breath but could only managed to take in a small amount of air before she was choked. She coughed violently and sucked in more air. She could not stop the tears now. They rolled down her cheeks and into her cold hands. What had she done to let her friend come to this? She stared down at the corpse she was kneeling next to. The corpse’s eyes were wide open, staring into the space in horror. Its hair was wet from the sweat and the gooey blood from the broken and torn neck. Its mouth wide open with the scream on its lips stopped by the sudden death. Cossette took its left hand in hers. It was strange how her hands were icy cold while the hand she was holding was still warm. She was only a minute too late to save her friend. What have I done? What have I done? A moment later, a high-pitched scream of anger and sorrow pierced through the deadly silence in the forest of Shanille as Cosette took off running.


Leighton Whiting said...

1) My favorite genre is actually Fantasy, though I do like Sci-Fi as well. ^^

2) Her story is actually really great, I've read more of her draft and I really wish it was finished so I could just read the story. Haha.

Derek and Ivy's Story said...

nice..can't wait to read the rest of the it gonna be a short story or actually a novel?

Nikki said...

Awesome!! I LOVE to read and you are off to a great start!! I'm actually Paul's editor for his story at this point, but have been so busy that I'm like 10 chapters behind haha!!

Oh and I can totally relate to you about working at a job you are passionate about. I have been at my job for two years now and am on the brink of pulling my hair out. But we need the income so I have to just wait it out a little bit longer before finding a job I'll enjoy. :)

It's refreshing to hear you are so happy and are loving your wedding planning!! I've almost got the invites all prepared for you. Haven't made the programs yet, but I'll get to that sometime right? :) Love ya Sharon!

Anonymous said...

Hi, gal..
Congratulations on your wedding!!!
Ur wedding photo is very very nice & u look gorgeous.
Wish u have a sweet life forever.. =D