Saturday, March 21, 2009

Story # 157: KK again

KK is definitely one of my many homes. It's also one of my most favorite places on earth. I've been back to KK 4 times in my 10 months plus stay in Malaysia. I guess part of the reason is my dad is living there. I enjoy hanging out with my dad. He is, to me, one of the funniest person on earth. I love his sense of humor, his way of life, and his whole being. So, I go see him as much as I can. I also love KK because of all the childhood memories I had there. I could remember so many things when I was little. I could remember places and what I did in those places. Every time I go back to KK, I have to stop by a place--Tanjung Aru Beach Resort. I just love everything there. Oh man, you have got to see the sunset on the beach. It's so amazing. Words just can't do the justice! 
Oh, on this trip to KK, I was there for my medical checkup. And I did my hair too. I totally got my hair extensions and dyed my hair orange. Well, it was orange until I decided it's too bright for me and I felt so not used to it and uncomfortable about it that I dyed it back to black. are the reason why I love Tanjung Aru so much.

I was red head, then I am black again.


Leighton Whiting said...

We actually went there twice this trip... Once to have a photoshoot with her red hair, and another photoshoot after she died it black. I'm logging some photography hours here. :)

Nikki and Paul said...

KK is so beautiful!!!!! I am loving it! And your hair orange totally look like a Japanese person. :)