Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Story # 163: A Day To Remember

Did you know that my wedding reception is on a different day than my actual wedding day? Maybe that's not what people traditionally do here in U.S.A, but I had no choice because my wedding was on a weekday and I wanted my reception to be on the weekend. Hence, busy preparations for two major events. Before I proceed to give you an account of my reception, I would like to thank all of you who have helped me SO much throughout the stressful period of planning and shopping and everything related to the big day. Thank you guys so much!

I just can't get over how nice the reception site was. Initially when I was deciding where to have my reception, I totally didn't think about having an outdoor reception. I was thinking of restaurants and cultural halls. Leighton knew how I felt about cultural hall (not that having reception in the cultural hall was bad, I just had some bad experiences with receptions in cultural hall that I had actually seen) and we discussed with his mom about it. His dear mother, bless her heart, was such an amazing lady who has many many friends. One of her friends owned this marvelous pond house right in Toquerville that he could let us use for the day for free. It was one of the greatest blessing. At first I was worried about the idea because I have never been to any outdoor reception before and I have never laid my eyes on this place before. But it turned out to be the PERFECT site. We had a house there for us to change into our dresses, prepare food, and for guests to sit in when it was to windy. We needed little to no decoration because the nature (trees and hills) and man-made things (bridge, deck, waterfall, pond, gazebos) were all the adornment we needed. Oh, this place was perfect for picture taking too and we took another gazillion pictures since the wedding.

We even hopped into one of those bumper boats and chased the swans around before dinner. It was truly a blast.

The reception was a lot of fun even though we overestimated the people who might come. Coincidentally, our reception falls on the day of prom night and ward temple night. That was probably why some people couldn't attend. We, despite having gotten ready too much food, had a wonderful time there. I love the chocolate fountain we bought from Wal-Mart. It was mini and cheap (only $40) and we had lots of food to go with it! If you're getting married, totally consider having a chocolate fountain. I got this idea from BYU-Hawaii dance night when they would often serve chocolate fountain for students who go for dance in the weekend.

We also had a cake made especially for us. I saw the cake on a website and decided to have it on my wedding reception. The price was too high, however. A lady charged 700 dollars to make the same one. Who wouldn't shudder at the price? My genius friend, Lia, came to my rescue. She told me that she knew of someone who was really good at making cake. I contacted her and she agreed to make me the cake for so much cheaper and she even delivered it to the reception site! I bought the cake topper online and I loved it so much. I wanted to color the bride's hair black, but I was too afraid to spoil the cake topper, so I left it alone. It was the most beautiful cake I have ever had. We saved the top layer in the freezer for our first anniversary next year.

My first dance song was "I Do (Cherish You)" by 98 degrees. I have always loved this song. It touched my heart everytime i listen to it. When I was dancing with Leighton, and listening to the words of the song, I can't help but shedding some happy tears. I was so happy to be married to this awesome guy and I will always cherish him. I know he will always cherish me too. I couldn't find a better song for that special moment. Apart from that, we also had the funnest time dancing with our friends and family. Check out the pictures for some real action.

When we made our grand exit, we were having some troubles with the sparklers because it was way too windy. So, we still had some sparklers left over for July 4th I guess. It was fun anyhow.

When we got home, we were exhausted (Oops..I shouldn't be complaining because we made our exit when the party was almost over and we didn't clean up the site. It was our families helping to clean up the site). We waited for everyone to get home to toss the bouquet because I had totally forgotten to do so when we were there. We also had an informal chinese tea ceremony for our mothers. Then, we opened the wedding presents in front of everyone. We're happy to know that there will be more wedding presents dropping at our doors in the near future because we just got one today :)

Oh..I wore this Chinese traditional dress (Cheong Sam) for the tea ceremony


Leighton Whiting said...

Sharon, I'm so glad you are keeping such wonderful entries and commentaries of these important events. Our children and posterity will someday read these. I agree it was really a very nice reception! I am truly blessed to be married to you. I love you~

Diana Tan said...

Wow, such nice photos of your wedding. Hope your marriage will last a lifetime. How romantic!