Sunday, April 12, 2009

Story # 160: Getting down to business

I have been in St. George for a little more than a week now. At first I thought I was not going to survive here because of the cold and home sickness. But I survived. I think I am beginning to like this new home more. 

The first few days when we got back here, Leighton was so sick because of the travel, the stress, and the flu he caught when in Malaysia. My patience was tested as I tried my best to nurse him. I was shocked at how unprepared I was to nurse someone sick. I never really had to deal with sick people. And I was so sad and depressed when I couldn't heal him or make him strong. I was silly. But I really really hope that he won't be sick again because I really am a bad nurse. 

I was really happy when I saw all the boxes of stuff we ordered online in the office. The first night when I was experiencing insomnia because of the jetlag, I ran downstairs in the dark into the office. Then I sat down and started opening up all the 20 boxes sitting there. I was so happy to see everything I ordered for our reception and I couldn't go back to sleep again. 

Leighton and I decided we need a car really soon because my mom is coming and we need to go pick her up at the Las Vegas airport. We also needed the car to run errands. He looked online and found some people trying to sell their cars for really cheap in St. George. So, we drove there in his mom's car, drove the car we wanted to buy around the block a few times and found nothing wrong with it. It was the perfect car. We needed it. The price was good and there was no complain about the car. Used cars are great. No loans to pay, no burden. So we bought it, right then and there, with 1000 dollars. I am proud to say that I own the car too because I paid half. Now Leighton can never say, "This is my car" because it would be "OUR car." :)

Our new car! It was a blessing from God. We love it so much! 

I was also able to tidy up my room. It feels so good to have a clean, tidy room. I had to thank Leighton's mom for helping. I hung our wedding photo on the wall (i took the Joseph Smith picture down from the wall!! SORRY!). I've got so much stuff--almost 3 baggage of stuff and one more box on its way, and some more bags will be arriving Monday with my mom. I always complain that I have nothing to wear, but now I've got too many to fit in my closet.

Leighton's best friend, Paul, asked us to go rock climbing with him just the other day. It was my first time doing that and I was really really scared because this was the real rock climbing, not the kind that I used to do in carnivals with multicolor rocks sticking out of a fake grey wall. I was sure I was going to somehow break my bone or die because I had this idea that Satan would try to kill me to stop me from getting married in the temple. Obviously, I was wrong. I survived and it's pretty fun. Would I do it again? Heck, yeah. 

Yeap. That was me trying really hard to get the climb over with 

Apart from all that, I also had to get down to prepare for my wedding and reception. One of the preparation was to get endowed in the temple. I was endowed on the 10th of April at St. George temple. It was the same temple Leighton got his endowment before he went on his mission. I learned a lot in the temple and I felt so loved and it gave me goosebumps (the kind that you feel good about. Not the kind that gives you creeps) to know I was watched over by my Heavenly Father. I don't mean to sound corny, but it was the one of the best days ever and I was bursting with excitement. It was more than what I have dreamed of . It was marvelous. I had a wonderful, wonderful time. It was really special to me and I would never forget the experience. Oh!! My dear friend, Rory, came to the session too. I thought I heard him but I didn't bother to look because I wasn't expecting him to come--he lives in Panguitch--a good three hour drive from St. George. But he came. Yay!

In front of the St.George temple before I went in for the endowment

After the endowment, Leighton's grandmother was so nice to throw me a bridal shower. I've never been to anybody's bridal shower so I didn't know what to expect. I was so happy when I was given all the nice presents and ate good food at Golden Corral. My good friend, Lia, came too. It's been a year since I last saw her and she is still as cute as ever. I had a lot of fun at my bridal shower.

At the bridal shower at Golden Corral. I was actually opening one of the presents. 

Last but not least, I am getting married in 3 days!!!! 

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Irene said...

You look very pretty. Congratulations on your endowment. I have been to St. George's temple but outside only. And Bountiful temple - I attended a session with the Jensens.