Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Story # 159: How my trip went

Hi All,
     As some of you are aware, Leighton and I made it back safely to Utah on the 4th of April. But you may not know how long it was to take us back here. It's 40 plus hours. That's like two days of traveling. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep on the plane either because it was either it hard to sleep sitting down or our noses or ears were clogged. I had like 5 hours of sleep but I think Leighton had 2 only. That poor guy, his body was too long to get comfortable in any position he attempted. 
      It was the flight that took up most of our travel time: 20 hours. We flew from Miri to KL, KL to Tokyo, Tokyo to San Francisco, and San Francisco to Las Vegas. In those two days, I went to 6 different airports. CRAZY! 
       We also spent about half the time at those airports waiting for our flight. We waited the longest in KL International Airport--10 hours. How grateful we were when we found an outlet where Leighton could charge his laptop with. We watched 2 movies--Bride War and Marley and Me. Both of us were crying by the end of "Marley and Me" at the McDonald's in KLIA. We also spent some time playing a dancing game online. 
       In Narita Airport in Tokyo, we had to wait 9 hours. We were supposed to go out to Tokyo and meet with Leighton's friend, Nate. But the girl at the info desk told us that we couldn't because we have passed the security checkpoint. We were in Terminal 2 and were trying to find a way to get out of the airport. To my surprise, there was no way we could exit the airport in Terminal two. It's basically like an island, with no way out but the terminal bus that goes from Terminal one to terminal two. We ate ramen and udon in one of the airport restaurant. Super delicious to me but not to Leighton. *Ha* We tried to get some sleep on the waiting area, and we managed to doze off for an hour or so. It wasn't pleasant at all. 
       In San Francisco, the wait was a little easier to endure because I had to go through immigration and all that stuff. I'm glad the officer didn't give me a hard time. We only had to wait for 2 hours there. The flight attendance on the ground announced that because the airline has decided to downsize the number of passengers in our plane to Las Vegas and no one was willing to voluntarily give up their spots (38 seats), the airline had to involuntarily kick some passengers off the plane. Leighton and I were praying super hard that we would not be kick off the plane and wait for a later plane. I kept telling Leighton that I had a feeling that it would be us. In the end, we were safe. That proves how inaccurate my instinct is, huh? 
        When we finally landed in Las Vegas International Airport, I wanted to kiss the ground and thank God that we survived this trip. I seriously thought that I might not make it because of how tired I was. 
        So yeah, if you are ever traveling long distance, try search for a flight that would not require hours of waiting. Because, my friend, it's no fun. 


Leighton Whiting said...

We thought it would be fun to have layovers and go out and see the city... boy were we wrong. I was also sick during the traveling and when I got home, I was really under the weather. I'm still recovering now, actually. ;;

Nikki and Paul said...

Wow that sounds EXHAUSTING!! And being a frequent flier I know how that is. :P You could have asked me and I would've told you that layovers are the worst!! Plus airports are generally very large so it takes forever to get out and forever to get back in (if you ever attempt it). It's pretty exhausting! I'm so glad you guys made it back safely though! And on our anniversary too ha!

Irene said...

Sure sounds exhausting! It was an experience indeed for both of you. At least you have each other's company. Hope your mother didn't take the same route. It would be too much for her. Congratulations to both of you. I am very happy for you. All the best.