Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Story # 165: Job Hunting

These past three days I have been job hunting. I searched the web for hours daily to find jobs that I like and know how to do. I guess you can say that as an English major, I know quite a lot of things--editing, proofreading, researching, grammar, writing (essays, academic papers, stories, novels, news, press releases), ESL teaching, doing minor editing with Adobe photoshop, creating simple websites with iWeb, and avoiding plagiarism. 

But while I was job hunting, I realized I don't know a lot more things, I can't just work at any job and be good at it. I was appalled. I was awakened by the knowledge that I don't like a lot of things and there really aren't too many things that interest me. 

I typed "essay writing" in the search box on google. I found a freelance writing job at a essay writing site. I didn't read enough to know that this is a site where people would submit their assignment and have the staff writers from this site write for them. I took the test on the site and was happy to pass the essay test that I was required to write in 15 minutes using the words they said I must use. The topic was on the greatest vacation. I wrote about a trip to Hawaii. It was a piece of cake but I typed like crazy because of the timer thing which was counting down every second I type. Writing for others...isn't that cheating? Well, technically speaking, it is not I who cheat. I am just doing a job. I looked through the "available order" section and saw many different kinds of academic assignments--including Ph.D thesis. I laughed out loud. A BA degree holder such as I am actually attempted to write for the Ph.D people? I looked for high school papers. Then decided it is just not worth it. It isn't worth my time to read their notes and books and write their papers for them. It isn't worth their money to let people do their homework for them. I decided to just let my account on that site alone. Perhaps they would freeze my account after 6 weeks of not taking any orders. Oh be it. 

I looked again on the freelance writing job site and found some blogging and article-writing jobs. I applied to a couple. I could have applied for more if I knew anything about gardening, sports, web-designing, medicine, engineering and cooking. Unfortunately, I only know a handful of things. 

It's funny how when you are unemployed and bored you start to think of many things that you can do to bring home income. I thought of a few things in three short days. I thought about selling a kidney (an idea from The Office), selling my blood, selling plasma, selling ovum, selling my hair, selling photos of places I have taken on istockphoto, sell the drawings that I will soon learn how to draw, and teaching Mandarin. My first problem is I am married now and I can't just sell whatever I want without my husband's consent. And I know that he will never let me sell anything that is a part of my body. parents would kill me too if I do that.  My second problem, which is relating to selling my art pieces, is I can't draw and can't use Adobe Illustrator. Then, the problem to teaching Mandarin is there really isn't anyone who is interested to learn Mandarin here in Utah. I've already known three people who have learnt or is learning Japanese here in Utah and I don't see any Japanese here at all. Argh... If I live in California or Texas, things might be different. 

Anyways, I hope my job hunting would get less difficult. A prayer to God: Please, let me find a decent job that I like,that will bring me good income, that will make me feel useful, that will make me get out of my room. 

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