Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Story # 164: The Name You Call Me

Dear friends, 
        Do you know my name? Do you know how it is spelled and how it is written? Ever since I was born, I was known as Ting Ee Wen. Then when I go to school at BYU-Hawaii, I had to say that my name is Ee Wen Ting. I also have a nickname or what we would say in Malaysia, a Christian name, Sharon. Everyone in the English speaking world has known me for that name because it is "easier" than Ee Wen (really?). I am not saying I preferred to be called by one name over the other. I am just saying Ee Wen really isn't that much harder to say than Sharon. And, no, I don't mind people calling me Sharon. I love that name. My mom and I chose it for me when I was 3. It is stuck with me for forever now. However, for the people who work at the driver's license place, "this name is not [my] legal name and [I] can't have that in [my] signature, and [I] have to create a different signature with [my] legal name or [they] won't give [me] [my] driver's license." It doesn't matter how I sign my name in Malaysia, that signature would have to go when I enter the USA. *eyes rolling* 
        As you may have read in my previous posts that I am married recently. So, there's the dilemma of name changing. I love my husband's last name because that's who he is. I know that it is a social norm for people to change their last name to their husband's when they get married. I always wonder why that is necessary. Is it because you love him so much that you want to be everything that he is? If that is the reason, I would seriously roll my eyes and purse my lips. (Ok...I think you are probably thinking that I am pissed off or depressed but I am not. Can you tell that I am saying all these nicely? I am serious, I am not mad). Anyways, it is not my custom and I am pretty sure it is not the law either. So, I decided to keep my own last name, in fact, my dad's last name, my family name. 
       People have been asking me, "Are you changing your name to Sharon Whiting?" Sharon Whiting....that could have been me. But no, that's not me. That's someone else. What about Ee Wen Sharon Ting Whiting? I would laugh in the face of whoever is saying that because seriously, who would want such a long name. Oh, then there's the Ee Wen Ting Whiting. That sounds okay. But Ting Whiting. *shakes head* Then, the easiest one, Ee Wen Whiting. Still, it's strange. 
       I imagine me endorsing or signing every legal documents and cheques and credit card bill and whatever things that need my signature with the last name Whiting and I can't do it. It's like giving up on something priceless and precious. It would take years to convince me why I need to change my last name. 
        But until then, I am still Ee Wen Ting (Sharon). 


Leighton Whiting said...

Lol at the [me] and [they] stuff. I agree, and I'm behind you all the way babe~

A Real Good Bet said...

I'm glad you're not changing your name because I never want to change mine, and this way I won't be the first weird one. =)

I know this girl whose husband changed HIS last name to hers, and she changed her MIDDLE name to his. So, their names are Emily Charles Gallagher and Nathan Charles Gallagher.

Weird, huh?

LiafromLaie said...

I never want to change my last name... I like it :)

And it's great to see that your hubby will be there to support you.

Can I just say that I loved your name Ee Wen because every time I see it I remember Dr.Han saying it in class :) LOL! Those were fun times.

Irene said...

Sharon, just an advice. Do inform your post office delivery section of your maiden name.

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