Saturday, May 02, 2009

Story # 168: At last, more meaningful days

My week had past quite uneventfully, apart from playing and getting acquainted with Photoshop. However, there's always a different day or two in the uneventful week. 

Yesterday was my friend, Lia, her brother, Ray, and Leighton's best friend, Paul's graduation day at Dixie State College. We drove to St. George and got there just in time for the ceremony to start. I have been to graduation before so I know there would be A LOT of speeches. I was sleepy and hungry, so I was expecting the worst case of torture. Surprisingly, all the speeches were inspiring and interesting. I might have yawned a couple of times, but that wasn't because of the boringness os the speeches, I went to bed too late the night before. I knew more about the history of the college and Southern Utah from the speeches by the Valedictorians and the Utah State congressman (shoot...I forgot his name). In many parts of the ceremony, I felt tingles. It was a nostalgic occasion. 

After the graduation, we went to Paul's house and had dinner with him and Nikki. It was fun playing games with them. I even learned something about Adobe Illustrator, which I was having so much trouble with, from Nikki. It was a sweet day. 


This morning, I woke up to Leighton's alarm clock at 7a.m. He was to go rock climbing with his friends. I got up and checked my email and read some stories online. I needed inspiration for my own story. I needed to know more tags. Then, I fell back to sleep til 12 and spent the rest of my day reading "The New Moon" and watching a korean drama. 

Finally, Leighton got back from playing with his friends at 5. I cooked fried rice and chicken soup for dinner, something I haven't done in a while because Leighton's mom is usually the cook at home. We were in the mood to fly kites. I have never flown a kite in my life. I was so excited when I saw the kite in Wal-Mart and bought it without any hesitation. For the first time, I flew kite. I must say I'm a natural with the kite flying. The kite flew so high. I had to use the entire spool of thread. I never knew it was so much fun. 

After that, I was not ready to go inside the house. It was a great day and the sun was still up at 7pm. It was still bright like morning. So I decided I would go and lay out on the lawn with my book.

That was the best relaxation. I promised myself I would not stay indoor so much anymore. I need to explore and find more things that I enjoy doing in my life. 

I hope you have a great day too. I'm signing off. Later. 

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Leighton Whiting said...

Nice Post! I loved flying the kite and laying on the lawn too, very relaxing. :)