Monday, May 04, 2009

Story # 170: Exploration

This morning, I went out exploring the neighborhood I live in. Leighton and the two dogs, Max and Nikki, came too. The first things I saw were the rose bushes with gigantic roses at our neighbor's house. I trespassed onto their lawn and took some pictures of the blooming roses. In Malaysia, you don't see roses that often, let alone, humongous ones like these. I wonder why it is so easy for roses to bloom here. I thought I was in a desert land! 

I love spring. This is the season when all the beautiful flowers blossom. I love to see the green because it reminds me of home and Hawaii, places I miss. It was a good day to explore as the sun was bright, but mild, and the wind was perfect. I took pictures of plants that were unfamiliar to me. It hit me today that most of the houses here don't have fences. Well, I am not saying I didn't see it before. It just came as a conscious realization today that I could just walk into their lawns and the dogs could roll on the grass and even take a leak in our neighbor's. I was surprise that I didn't feel insecure of my safety here. I feel completely safe here for some reason. Perhaps the knowledge that all of the people here are LDS and are friendly (they wave as they drive by) has made me feel really comfortable here. 

However, as I walked on the trail towards the desert, I was informed by my lovely husband that there are snakes here. Not python or anything like that. But the venomous rattle-snake. Aiyayayaya... I instantly felt the chill down my spine. Luckily, I didn't run into one today. Oh, did I ever tell you about the mountain lion story? Leighton told me, about a year ago, that a mountain lion which lived down in the canyon, came up into one of the town people's yard and ate her small dog. Her door was opened and she saw the whole thing happened. WHOA....scary! But don't you worry for my safety. This doesn't happen here anymore. I heard that the mountain lion moved. But who knows, maybe one day I would be torn apart by some wolves living in the desert. AAAAA...maybe I should move. 

As we came closer to the creek, Max and Nikki rushed into the water. They sure loved the cool water. They played in the creek while I took pictures of the little waterfall. I climbed down the rocks on the side of the waterfall to try to get to the other side of it, then this crazy thought of alligators in the shallow water freaked me out. As I was trying to climb up to the dry land, with Leighton holding one of my hands helping me up, I fell. I was supposed to step onto the big rock in front of me but I didn't spread my legs far enough. Luckily Leighton was holding my arm, or I would have smash my face in the rock and become disfigured for the rest of my life. 

My real life Tarzan :) 

In my exploration, I also witnessed something that made me feel warm in my heart. The dogs here don't bite or bark at random people. I am sure they bark when strangers come to our door (our dogs did). But they won't just run up to some people walking down the road and started barking at them, trying to chase them away. Those are totally the things that dogs in Malaysia do. My dog, Lucky, often barks at people when they walk pass our house. And we had fences. But not the dogs here. We saw some of Leighton's neighbors tilling their grounds and picking up rocks on the way home. They have like 4 big dogs with them. They were totally friendly with us. They didn't bark or look fierce. They just came running towards us with wagging tails. At first, one of the dogs came sniffling around my legs and I started to panic and yelled for Leighton. He did not hear me because he was too busy talking to his neighbors. Then, I stopped yelling because I was embarrassed and the dog didn't even want to touch me. What was my problem? I took some pictures of them and watched them play with our dogs. It was a heart-warming thing to see. I wish dogs could smile. 

You know what? As I am writing this, it hits me how my neighborhood is like a zoo. There are so many animals here. dogs,cats, horses, sheep, and even Llama.

I guess I accomplished quite a lot today. I even saw 2 movies. One is my all time favorite--The Phantom of The Opera and I watched it in French and I sang to the songs in French too. I was ecstatic. We went to see "Wolverine" as family night activity just now. I liked it. Hugh Jackman is so buff. He looks delicious! Leighton would probably kill me for saying this. But gosh...look at his six pack! 

All right-y, I gotta run now. I'll be back soon. Stay tuned. 

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Leighton Whiting said...

I LOVE this post babe, it really makes me appreciate my neighborhood. You did a good job on these Pics!