Sunday, May 10, 2009

Story # 172: Picnic

Leighton and I have been talking about a picnic for a while now. Yesterday, we were finally able to go. He took me to the public park in St. George. There were already many people there when we arrived. They are mostly little children and their parents. We found a spot under the huge pine corn tree because I wanted to stay in the shade. I am still very reluctant to get tan.

I don't know how this superstitious thing started but I have always heard people say if you get pooped on by a bird, then you are going to have some good things happen to you. I didn't use to believe it because the idea of being pooped on didn't sound so lucky to me, it still doesn't. Anyways, a bird pooped on my head while I was eating my yogurt under the pine cone tree. EWWW... but the poop bounced off my head and landed on my covers. So I only had tiny bit of its waste in my hair. I was kinda surprised that I didn't freak out when that happened. I just sat there, holding my yogurt, looking up at Leighton and said, "The bird pooped on my head." I didn't jump up and down or run directly into the bathroom. I don't know why I didn't do that. I remember I thought cross my mind, "The bird eats only plants, so its waste would be that bad." So I let it go. Of course, i tried to clean my hair with the paper towel.

Yes, this was where I was pooped on

Anyways, this incident had lead me to kinda believe that the superstitious has some truth to it because it was a lucky day for me. We got a hundred bucks from Leighton's grandparents for our wedding. (On a side note, you are still welcome to send cheques and gifts for our wedding if you haven't already done so. It's never too late. HAHA!) So yea, I guess being pooped on by a bird isn't really that bad.

I brought a lot of food because I just love picnic so much. I woke up a little earlier and made turkey sandwiches, hard boil egg with mayonaise and honey, yogurt and strawberry. We had fruit punch for drinks. Leighton brought our kite but it wasn't windy enough to fly it. But we had gotten plenty of games--bubbles, sepak takraw (a Malay sports), and Go Fish cards--we brought with us to keep us busy.

I made some cute friends there. They came over to use because we had the biggest bubble wand. It was a ton of fun. They are really really cute and they like my chocolate pretzels and strawberries. Here are some of my favorite pictures of me playing with Amy, the cute little girl in pink. She was soooo adorable!

One thing I dislike about Utah is there isn't any beaches here. There are lakes and creeks, but no ocean. I miss the ocean soooooooooooooooo much! I miss the waves, the turquoise sea, the rough sand, the breeze, the coconut trees, and the things that we can do on the beach. I miss every bit of it! But I did have some fun playing in the fountain. I didn't get wet running in and out of it because of the fountain was set. I ran between the spouts of water and I come out dry. AMAYZEZING!

There's also a fake wall of waterfalls at the park too. Kids would run in the man-made creek, chasing each other, spilling buckets of water, and playing with squirt guns. I wished I had one too.

Well, it's time to go get some dinner. Have a great Mother's Day.


Leighton Whiting said...

Nice post, but... no pics of me/?! ;; hehe

Stories of Snow *-* said...

I thought someone said if bird poop on our head means something bad will happen...?? Lol:P
Ur wedding ceremony is already over for few weeks d... still asking for gift and cheques hehehe, mayb u let the birds poop on ur head again then ur wish may come true again
Anyway, u cud go try to be a kindergarten teacher, the kids will like u lots ^^