Saturday, May 16, 2009

Story # 175: Me, my model, and the "standing up" flowers

Let me tell you the first thing I noticed when I drove in to BYU Provo. It was the flowers that are "standing up." The tulips! They were really tall flowers and they make other flowers look like they are sitting down on the ground. Hence, when I spaced the term "Tulips" I refer to them as the "standing up flowers."

BYU is full of tulips! They are everywhere. Purple, white, pink, red, orange, yellow, a mixture of pink and white, and many more shades of purple and red. I couldn't take my eyes off them. I love them so much! Note to myself: If I ever have my own garden, I would plant as many tulips as I can.

The reason I went to Provo was to watch Leighton's little brother play tennis. He was going state! Yeehaw!!! I was also there to see my chica, Vicky! We saw each other briefly at my wedding and I missed seeing her. So I was really excited that we could meet up again. It was just like old times when we were in BYU Hawaii.

You guys remember I talked about attending a photography class, right? Well, I tried to apply the rules I learnt in that class in my photo shooting now. Though at times I still forget about them. Anyways, Vicky was my first model ever. I'm glad she let me post the photoshoot pictures here. Note: I was using my point-and-shoot camera.

If y'all have any comment about my photos, let me know. I can use your suggestions and advice...A LOT!
Thanks, and enjoy!

p/s: My favorite subject is flowers. If you have been following my blog, you would have seen many pictures of flowers that I have taken.

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