Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Story # 177: Classics

On the same day we went to the miniature golfing, we drove past Iceberg, an ice cream place in St. George and saw a bunch of shiny classic cars. My heart leaped when I realized it was a car show. I was so excited to go look at those babies! Oh my gosh...I've always known that I have a thing for cars, but what I felt when I saw those classic cars were so much more than the 15 Ferraris I saw in Beverly Hills.

These cars were so classy. They were very well-preserved. A lot of them shines like marbles under the afternoon sun. Most of the engines were new too.

What catches my breath more than anything is the inside! I love the leather-y seats. And the steering wheels, man, I just wanna lay my hands on them (Gosh...why do I sound like a pervert?). I also love the fact that these cars are mostly stick shifted, which is my FORTE!

I should be born in the older eras. I could see myself wearing a birdcage veil in my hair, a vintage tight dress, and gloves that go up to my elbows while driving down the street in my posh classic Ford. Can you tell which car is my favorite?

This is my favorite!!! It reminds me of daredevil. I want a cool looking truck like that!

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A Real Good Bet said...

Haha. You look so cool drinking your soda next to that car. =)