Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Story # 178: Boy Band

When I was browsing through the YouTube videos, I came across my favourite boy bands in the 90s. It gave me the worst case of nostalgia ever! I can still remember their lyrics and dance moves!

You recognize this face?? Lee Brennan from 911. OMG, he was like my hero! I remember buying their cassette and listening to it on my cassette player and walkman until I could sing almost all of their songs by heart. I remember back in those days we had top 100 Billboard Chart or something like that on Saturday night and I would stayed up late to wait for my favorite music videos to be played.

Remember this music video? On the train...the three guys hitting on a girl? It's "Don't Make Me Wait." I used to wish that I were the girl in the music video. Everytime this video came on, I would scream my heart out and jumping up and down on my bed. I remember I had a concert VCR of 911 and I would watch it over and over and over again, envying those countries and fans they visited. I also memorized what they said backstage. All I talked about with my friends were 911, 911, and 911.

Then, I discovered Backstreet Boys. I didn't have any interest in the American singers until I stumble on their music video on TV. It was playing "As Long As You Love Me" from their 2nd album. When I saw Nick Carter, my life changed. I embarked on the journey to learn all about them, their songs, and their dance moves. I would rewind their music videos so many times to learn the dance moves. I know what Nick's favorite color was, his whole family's names, where he was born, what he liked to eat, and how tall he was. I collected posters, stickers, and magazines of them. Now that I looked back on my teenage years, I realized how fun it was. We were easily entertained by cheesy lyrics and cared only about handsome faces.

Last but not least, The Moffats from Canada. HAHAHA!! The triplets and their older brother. This was one of the first boy bands that I liked who played their own music. I remember thinking how talented they were and how nice their part-in-the-middle hair were. When I showed Leighton their music video, he said, "Eww" and turned back to his PSP. People made fun of boy band now but they were the "IT" thing in the music industry about 10 years ago.

The tragedy of the boy band was, I guess, it was just a facade. Like the vapor in the air, they usually don't last too long. But thanks for the sweet time, dudes. It was worth every penny I spent (I am just too unrepentant *grin*).

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