Friday, May 22, 2009

Story # 179: Blog headers

Hi friends,
I have been experiencing with photoshop and some brushes recently. And these are two of the blog headers that I have created. I really enjoy playing with photoshop. I used to think i am very very un-artistic. But i guess i do have a teeny bit of artist in me, eh?
I know these are not much. But I hope you like them. Any suggestions on how to improve them?

This one is for my story blog that I am going to launch pretty soon. Since I am writing a fantasy story, I think that the fairytale and fantasy theme is pretty suitable for my story blog. Everyone has their fantasies, and in those fantasied world, there are magical things that take place. That's what this blog header is about.

I have always been fascinated by gardens and nature. I love flowers. I love dandelion. In this picture, I had sakura petals flying across garden field. All of the things you see on this piece are created using photoshop brushes that I downloaded from deviantart.

Hope you like them!


Leighton Whiting said...

really good! Soon I can hire you as my Web Designer! ;)

qiuyi said...