Sunday, May 24, 2009

Story # 180: My Lords and Ladies, may I take you back to the Medieval age

When I was taking the British Literature: Medieval Period class, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew that it was a very very long time ago. I also knew that there would be a lot of war and knights stories to be read. But I had no idea what the people then wore, or how they truly spoke. I guess I left the class not knowing much about the culture. I only took with me names of the stories and their authors when I left that class. It was a miserable class for me.

Hmm...I don't remember reading about Hamlet in medieval literature. But then again...I can't remember if Shakespeare meant Hamlet to be in the medieval time when he wrote the play. 

Yesterday, everything I learnt in that class finally clicked! I went to the medieval fair in Hurricane and I could finally picture what King Arthur and his knights were like, and how people those days dressed and talked like. 

Knight in the shining armor! 

Candy making booth where you can make your own candy...I think. I overheard this from a little girl talking to her mom. 

How cool! 

I would be very happy if I existed back in that period of time...and in England. I love what they wear: The corset over the wide round-necked and puffy-sleeved blouse, and the long puffy skirt. Although I love the Victorian era dresses more, I think the medieval dresses were really really beautiful too. I ended up paying 10 bucks to get my pictures taken dressed in the medieval costume. Leighton was asked to put on a cape and a sword. Pretty funny.

The fair sounded pretty nerdy. And I guess I am attracted to most things nerdy. So I went with much excitement and anticipation. I didn't know what to expect though. It was as fun as I had anticipated, sort-a lame, but I must say, it was pretty entertaining. 

We were really excited about the jousting but it didn't happen because it was tooooooooooooooooooooo windy and the "knights" said it was bad for their horses. Bummer! But at least they still tried to entertain us by having some games like cutting the cabbage in half on the head of the jester while riding their on their horses. They also had a spear-throwing game, which the knight, again riding on their horse, throw the spear onto a block of wood with the bull's eye in the middle.

Some dude who opened the show. He kept calling us "My Lords and Ladies," which in my opinion, is superb. 

King Arthur! 

Spear-throwing game. If you think archery is hard, think twice. 

Poor jester. Everyone clapped and cheered when he was asked by King Arthur to put the cabbage on his head. 

I don't have to be the one on the horse to know that this game is pretty dang hard. 

Oh..I forgot to mention...we thought that the guy who played "Sir Tristan" looked like Orlando Bloom :)

Sir Tristan and Lady Sharon 
Lady Sharon: My hair! 
Sir Tristan: You still look adorable, my lady. *notice how he was looking at me admiration written all over his face?*

Seriously wind, give me a break! 


hobblogs said...

My Lady,
It may please you to know that here in the land of King Arthur, we are also unaware of the full picture of his history.
It was indeed a 'dark age' as far as writings for little remains of factual written account, most tales remaining blossoming in fiction form from the pen of those living many years after the truth was put to sleep.
However, the earth yields up its mysteries daily and I can bring you good news from the lands over the seas. Here on the borders of England and Wales, the villagers of Knucklas ( are buying the remains of a castle mound which has lain untouched for 700 years - a castle where legend tells us that the Warrior Arthur married his Princess Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere).
The survey of Knucklas Castle may take up to 5 years but if Ee Wen's Tales continue, I may find a moment to return here in 5 years time to place an update.

I must now take my leave of you and wish that your years blossom as freshly and with as much vibrance as your most favoured garden.


Grant of the HoBB

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Good Lady,
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I bid you a good day and trust that all is well at court.


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