Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Story # 181: Why My Husband is No.1

Hi all, I am just going to brag a little bit about my wonderful husband. I've been too modest. But today, you are going to find out why he is such a fantastic man you wish you had! I could go on and on, but here are the TOP 10 reasons. 

1. His name, Leighton, is a unisex name! (Think Leighton Meester from the Gossip Girl). How cool is that? 

2. His face and skin is great! BABY SOFT skin. (I'm not sure if he likes me to praise him this way) He has no flaw in his face, which is something I envy daily. 

3. He is smart! Leighton is such a fast learner. He understands things quickly and he learns languages so stinkin fast! He speaks more languages than I do (I used to think that I was good, until I met him).

4. His voice is SEXY. I love hearing him talk and laugh. 

5. He is my bestest friend! He knows me so well. We do everything and go everywhere together. I hardly ever leave his side...unless when I go to work. Knowing that he is with me makes me feel so safe and so warm. 

6. He is goofy. He can make me laugh like no one else can. He does really good impersonation of Kuzco from "The Emperor's New Groove" (one of my fav movies). 

7. He teaches himself everything. His superb web designing and photoshop skills are all self-taught! He codes everything! From html to php to Ajax to Flash, to Java script. Don't believe me? See for yourself! Go to his BUSINESS SITE

8. He is only 23 and he already owns his own business. And while I am unemployed and a complete parasite now, he is cashing in big bucks!

9. He is diligent. I have never seen anyone as hardworking and determined as he is. He works so hard (it is hard to sit in front of the computer and code html stuff, it's not like he's chatting on msn). When he was on his mission, he read so many books and read the Book of Mormon 8 times! He is like a scholar now. He has pretty much ALL the answers I have about ANYTHING.
10. I save this last reason for last because this is the best and sole reason why I am married to him--->He is my No. 1 Fan. A girl needs nothing more than the fact that a man is constantly behind you cheering you on, believing in you, wanting what is the best for you, trying so super hard to provide all that you want and need, and on top of that, would not leave your side even when all your weaknesses is exposed. 

That's my man. My dear, dear husband. I  Leighton Whiting

He solves the Rubik's cube multiple times!! Oh..and his IQ score is 148 (genius!). Einstein was 160 something. 

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Nikki and Paul said...

Awwwww that is SO sweet Sharon!! I practically cried it was so sweet! I have thought about writing an entry on Paul, but I'm so lazy!! I'ma bad wife hehe. But you are the best wife!