Saturday, May 30, 2009

Story # 183: Summer in S.G

Summer in St.George is not a lot of fun. It's too hot, and too dry. I could walk outside in the hot desert sun for a long time and not sweat even a drop. And I don't like that feeling. Also, this place is like a gigantic oven, and we're like little buns in it being baked.

I was so happy when we finally got to get some shaved ice. It totally made my day. I love the shaved ice from Snokaps (I thought it was spelled Snow Caps). It's really smooth and soft. There are many flavors of syrups too. MY favorite is definitely pina colada, then pink lemonade, then watermelon. I love to have all three of the flavors side by side. It's paradise in the oven.

On the side note, Matsumoto in Haleiwa, Oahu, is soooo much better. I loveeeeeeeeee the shaved ice there and I am going to get some in 2 days! Hawaii, here I come! Woot~

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Stories of Snow *-* said...

I had the shave ice in Perth too, but i donno it's the same or not :P
So long didn't talk to u r u in hawaii now?? R u tanned d?? lol better buy more sunblock ^-^v