Monday, June 01, 2009

Story # 184: Adventure at The Canyon of The Crescent Moon (an unofficial name given by Leighton)

'Twas the day that I went on yet another adventure with my hubby and the Yoders that I saw a REAL life animal skeleton in the canyon. The thought of it still creeps me out. The thought of climbing down the cactus and stickers infested rocky canyon still has me asking myself, "Aren't we all a little suicidal?"

Do you see the fur around the bone? That should be a sheep/lamb

The skeleton and skull of a sheep or lamb being devoured by either the fox or the notorious mountain lion that came up and ate the dog of one of resident of Toquerville.

This hike is really a bit too hard for me. Because of the dryness, the thing that was supposed to be mud became loose sand. Thus, making it easier for us to slip. The deep canyon was and still is a habitat for wild animals. In fact, our friend, Paul, saw a fox when he climbed down the canyon alone (probably a half hour before we did). I am so grateful we did not come across any rattle snakes because I would be running for my life first and probably kill myself in the attempt.

The climb was made hard by the ever-so-thorny cactuses. We had to avoid so many of them. I am so glad I didn't accidently sit on them or grab them. The stickers did not make it any easier because we had to stop so many times to get them out of our shoes and socks. Accidents were bound to happen for careless hikers like me. I first ran into the branch and scratched my face. Then, on the way back, I tripped and knocked my left knee on a dried tree trunk and scraped myself pretty good. I saw bruises right away. Note to self: Should have worn long pants.

I still haven't found out the point of this hike. I guess I never can get the point of going to see some abandoned sewer-like place. I was pretty stoked about crossing the rusted hanging bridge though. I guess I have always loved climbing up something but hated looking down. I was pretty comfortable climbing up the ladder and walking across the bridge. But when it was time to climb down, I was shaking.

The Yoder clan

The rusty bridge that might break if too many people go across at the same time. I wonder how long it has been left there and unused. See I was all smiling? I was pretty excited.

The hundred steps to heaven

The Whiting clan

Our dog, Nikki, waiting earnestly for us to go down. It was pretty far down. You see how small Nikki looked from where I was standing.

The Derelict--which was somehow pronounced as DereLEET. Before I looked up the dictionary to see what it means, I thought this place was like a sewer pump warehouse or something like that.

One thing that I liked about this hike was to be able to see the creek. Stepping from a rock to another in the middle of the shallow creek made me happy. At times it was hard because some rocks were loose and our dogs, which played in the water earlier, made them slippery. *Oops, I forgot to take pictures of the creek.* The water smelled funny though. Yuck, and I washed my hands in it.

When I made it up the canyon in one piece, I thought to myself, "Good job. You survived. And please, no more suicidal attempt."

Some pictures I took when we were walking down the neighborhood to the canyon:

This dog makes me laugh so hard. It's like a piglet stuck with an old, angry dog's head.

Can you count the layers of wrinkles on her body and face? I lost count. Seriously's not very cute.

The dead skunk under the tree on our neighbor's lawn.

One day I woke up and was told by Leighton that a skunk came at night and sprayed outside of our house. I went outside smelling hard but couldn't smell anything. I guess I wasn't able to smell it because I have never smelled a skunk before. 2 days later, as we were walking down the street, we thought we saw a porcupine. But it was actually the skunk. We speculated it was killed by our dogs.

P.S I am Hawaii bound tomorrow morning (Did I hear a lot of envious sighs?). See you when I get back!

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Stories of Snow *-* said...

Lol..CAn't believe u went for the adventure, and it really disgusting me, i hate the skeleton, it's creeping me out Yuck!!
Hey whose dog was tat?? look like a pig with dog's fur lol but cute ^^
Ting ee wen, u r so funny, try to smell a skunk!!???