Saturday, June 13, 2009

Story # 185: Ha-ha-ha-Hawaiiiiiiii

To sum up my trip to Hawaii in just one post is a bit unfair to you, my dear readers, because Hawaii has too much to offer!

Therefore, I have compiled all the pictures I have taken into a few categories: the beaches I went to, the food I ate, the people I met, and some other places of interests on Oahu.

The compilation is still in the progress. I am not done with that yet. Have a little patience because I am pretty sure you're gonna like what you see through my eyes (I hope ^-^)

This is of course not a complete guide to Hawaii as my blog is not a travel info blog. I don't claim to know all the tourist information that might help you plan for your Hawaiian trip. This is just a record of me going back to Hawaii by myself (poor husband was stuck in the desert) to visit dear friends.

Just a little background information about my relationship with the island of Oahu. I went to school for 3 years and 4 months at BYU-H. While going to school, I was able to know lots of people from different countries (as you know, Hawaii is famous for not only its beaches, but also the diversity there). On my stay there, I was able to go to MANY places on Oahu. Since it isn't a tremendously huge island, I have pretty much seen it all.

A few things that I have done:
1. Scuba diving (I am certified!)
2. Surfing (I tried it once only, which is a shame.)
3. Watching the sunset and sunrise from the beach. (Magnifique!)
4. Kayaking.
5. Snorkling (I get sunburn doing this)
6. Seeing sea turtle
7. Hiking to find the waterfall
8. Hawaiian and Tahitian dancing at the Polynesian Culture Center
9. Eating raw fish
10. Watching dolphin show
11. Going to all the places you can see on 50 First Dates
12. Falling In Love
13. Making out at many romantic spots ^-^

A few things I wished I have done:
1. Sky diving
2. Shark cage diving
3. Boat diving
4. Punching the shark in the face
5. Swimming with the dolphins
6. Seeing whales (I went whale watching once but I don't think I see ANYTHING)
7. Being in the movies shot on this Island
8. Learned Tahitian dance (hard core hip shaking! step down, Shakira!)
9. Jumped off the rock at Waimea Beach (everyone who goes to Oahu should do that).
10. Travel to other islands, such as Big Island.

I will be back with more to share!!! Keep visiting!


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