Sunday, June 14, 2009

Story # 186: Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii

The first day I arrived at Honolulu Airport, I was overcome by the humidity. The southern Utah weather had made me forgot how delightful it was to be able to sweat and have oily face.

The first thought I had when I landed was, "FINALLY!" I was so tired from traveling for more than 10 hours (time waiting at the airport in LA included). Why is Hawaii so far away from everywhere?

It was wise to travel without a checked-in baggage. I was very proud of myself for fitting everything I need for 10 days in my carry-on. I was os stoked when my best friend, Doreen, showed up. She was there to pick me up. We got on the bus, Laie bound. It was late for me, but only about 8 p.m there. The trip back to Laie takes more than 2 hours. That means, I spent half the day trying to reach my final destination.

I have been blessed with many friends who are so willing to help me with everything I need. I was able to spend 10 days in Hawaii and not spending any money on accommodation. That was such a huge blessing for me. I moved twice from one friend's house to another while I was there. It was a fun experience. Pretty fun to live with different people. I just wish I didn't cause them any trouble. They were being so hospitable and generous. They cooked breakfast for me, let me sleep on a nice bed, and made sure I was comfortable during my stay there. This was one of the most touching experiences for me. It feels good to know that there are people extending their helping hands all the time.

My main transportation there was my feet. I walked a lot on this trip. But I am not complaining. I truly enjoyed it. This was a leisure trip for me so I intended to take in as many things as I can. All the sights, the smell, the sound, the breeze from the ocean close by, and the feeling I had when I was walking from the places I stay to the beach, the university, the temple, and the store called FoodLand. I have missed my life as a student in the past year. I was able to briefly relive it this time.

I also traveled to places on the island where my feet can't take me. I use the bus. On Oahu, the bus is the best public transport. I always looked outside the window and took mental pictures of the beaches we past. One time, I saw something that made me marveled so much. I looked out the window and saw the vast sea with different shades of blues. As the sun at noon shines on the ocean, the calm sea looked as if there were millions of sparkling pixies dancing on it. They danced and danced and danced and they sparkle like diamonds. I was lost in what I saw. No cameras can capture that moment of brilliancy, no words can describe that kind of awesomeness. I praised the Lord for creating such beautiful thing for me to enjoy.

I love Hawaii. Always and Forever.

Despite the mess in my hair, I welcomed the sea breeze whole-heartedly. At least that reminds me that I am in Paradise.


Leighton Whiting said...

Good story^^ Poetic

Vicky said...

u totally made me cry with all the pics and the stories!!!! there is no place like Hawaii! :)