Monday, June 15, 2009

Story # 187: Hawaii is the place for best foods.

The diversity in Hawaii is what makes it so magnificent. You can hear 50 different languages just walking down the street. Sometimes Samoan, sometimes Cantonese, sometimes Japanese, sometimes French, sometimes Hawaiian English, and sometimes a mix of everything. With the different groups of people there comes with the different types of foods. My favorite is of course the Asian food. Polynesian food is a bit too mushy for me.

Living in St. George, I have not been eating Asian food much. Well, I take that back. I eat a lot of chinese food that I cook. Is that authentic though?
I have craved sushi and Korean food for about a year now. I finally get to eat them when I returned to Hawaii. Those mouth-watering food had been in many of my dreams. It was my dream come true when I lay my hands on them and send them into my mouth and chew the juice out of them. delectable!

1. Bibimbap (Korean vegetable, egg, and beef mixed rice $9) 2. Small dishes come with the main dish (Korean) 3. I forgot what this was called (Korean tofu soup, spicy $9) 4. Takoyaki (Japanese octopus in a flour ball $6), 5. Japanese Ramen 6. Eel on rice (Japanese), 7. Gyoza (Japanese fried dumpling $10 with item 5 and 6), 8. Kahuku shrimp (Fresh shrimp from the shrimp pond cooked immediately. Hence, very fresh and sweet. $14)

I'll bet you'd have seen the stars in my eyes as they widen in the sight of the scrumptious butter and garlic shrimp. I licked every single one of my finger after peeling the shells and heads and legs. That was truly the "finger-licking good" moment.

The first breakfast I had was Musubi. I love to think of it as Hawaiian sushi. One of this and it will last you a couple of hours. It is very nutritious too. It has vegetable (seaweed wrap), carbohydrate (rice), and protein (spam). And it is sooooooooooooo tasty! I bought the Musubi mold, (which I previously called "musubi machine" thanks to my Korean friend who named it that first and it was stuck to me for years). Now I can make my own musubi at home :)

How can I forget the cold drinks in Hawaii? The one I am holding on the left picture was the famous Matsumoto shaved ice. This one had 3 flavors: green apple, pina colada, and watermelon. Oh, I asked for ice-cream at the bottom of the shaved ice too.
The green looking drink with some black bubbles in it was the bubble drink (for some reason, Asian people love the "black pearls" made of tapioca). The greenness was because I ordered the honeydew flavor. The whip cream on top was so good too. I guess I am down the path of getting fat.

Remember I told you that my generous friends made me breakfast every morning on the days I stayed at theirs? They are such good cook. Yay to married people who can cook good food. When you are travelling, you really don't have much chance to eat home cooked dishes. I am so grateful that I have friends there still! Maybe if I go back there 2 years from now, I would not even have a free place to stay anymore.

1. My japanese friends cooked potato and eggs for breakfast. Pretty interesting breakfast. Of course we have rice to go with it. 2. Another friend of mine who is originally from Bulgaria in Europe is married to a Japanese guy and she cooked this American-Japanese breakfast for me. It's bacon and eggs with rice and miso soup.
3 & 4. Bulgarian food. My first time eating this. Very tasty. Potatoes with chicken cooked in some Bulgarian spices.

There are of course many other nice foods that I ate there. But sometimes I forgot to take pictures! I was free from Wendy's for 10 days. I was truly happy. Rice makes people happy. "Eat rice and you'll have world peace," says Ee Wen Ting, 2009.

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I do like rice. And it makes me happy. :)