Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Story # 188: Graduation, I wanna do it again!

I love graduation day! It's a day that marks the beginning of something new. It's a day when all of the hard work in the past 3 or 4 years is paid off.

Everyone was so happy when they came out of Canon Activity Center in their graduation robe and cap. I was so happy for my friends too. I graduated a year and 2 months ago. Now it was their turn. I was going to get a few leis for them, but I wasn't sure how many friends of mine were graduating. So I made 2 leis out of some yarns.

I know, I know. They are not very fancy. But give me some credit for actually making them with my own hands :) 

The collage I made of my friends who were graduating, my teacher, and some friends who attended the graduation ceremony. Congrats to the graduates, and Aloha! 

FLASHBACK to the day

 of my graduation
(December 2007)

We were so proud. We made it. 

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