Saturday, June 20, 2009

Story # 191: Senior Portrait

Hm...I am not quite a senior citizen yet and I am beyond the age of a high school senior. So why do I call this a senior portrait?

One interesting thing that I noticed in the American culture is almost every or should I just say, EVERY high school senior would go get their "senior portrait" taken and send it off to friends and relatives as a part of their high school graduation invitation. I liked that idea since in Malaysia we don't have high school graduation. I think that it is the best excuse for you to have a photoshoot other than, "I just feel like it."

This might be 6 years too late, but hey, at least I have my senior portraits now :)

P/S: I was just joking about the senior portrait thing. I have to have a photo shoot if I was already in Hawaii, right? It is just a much better excuse for photo shoot.

Last but not least, is this really a car?

1 comment:

Emily Clark said...

oh my gosh!!!! i love your hawaii pics!! and yes i should have been there to shoot your "senior portraits".