Thursday, June 25, 2009

Story # 193: Going Green

About a week ago, I bought a mini flower pot for my windowsill from Michael's craft store.

I was so excited about planting a pot of herbs in my own bathroom (I decided to call it a Spa because it has everything I need to be happy). I was thinking of getting basil seeds. So, we went to Hurricane's Ballard's Nursery to find the basil seeds I wanted.

When we got there, there were many small trees and flowers. I love the lovely flowers. There were so many small flying bugs though. We had to be careful not to breathe them in as we walked around the greenhouse.

We came to this shelf that had a ton of seeds for herbs and flowers.

Mr. L wanted to get something that grows fast. I know there's no such thing as "growing fast" in the world of plants. You gotta give them time and nurture them to grow. While Mr.L was concerning about the rate of growth of the plant, I was worried about how big they would get. I only wanted small plants because my pot was super mini.

In the end, we got this seed.

It grows faster than other plants there, looks to me that it would grow up to be a fine looking flower (something very important to me), and it's not huge. I didn't get my basil in the end but I got 2 more pots. So I can still grow some herbs if I want to.

Any idea what plants would fit in these home of theirs?


I was going to write this in another post but I thought since I was talking about plants, I might as well just write one post about plants.

Mr. L has a very healthy family. Well, actually, maybe only the girls in the family. His mom is a vegetarian and health and beauty consultant, his sister eats vegetable, I am totally into health and detox stuff (so I guess I am pretty healthy), and his grandparents who are living close to us are two staunch vegetarians plus qi masters (they are totally into the chinese energy "qi" thing). Anyways, all that is not the main point.

I am always amazed by the house his grandparents are living in. Now, that's the main point. They live in a green house. Well, almost. They have all kinds of vegetables and plants in their house. It's amazing to see that. It's amazing to see a house covered in green plants. Let's see what they have planted (note: they planted EVERYTHING in their house and grandpa Chris made everything in their house, including the gates, the fences, the water supply thing, and the greenhouses [yes, they have several greenhouses]). They have carrots, beets, lettuce, rosemary, peaches, grapes, bamboos, apricots, and many more. Can't think of them on top of my head now.

The entrance to the house. Totally covered by plants. We had to dodge and duck our heads when we walk in.

Can't wait for the grapes to ripen!

The lettuce

The peaches

I was especially interested in the grapes. I have never seen grapes growing in a vine before. I didn't even know what the leaf of the grape vine looked like. Yes, I've eaten grapes before but I didn't know where they came from. I guess it's like a lot of people who have eaten shrimp and don't know that shrimps actually have a lot of legs, and a long head, and shell covering their whole body.

We're exercising before the movie. What a healthy family!

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Leighton Whiting said...

Good post, I should show my grandma, she'd like it. By the way, when are you actually going to PLANT the seeds you bought? :P