Sunday, June 28, 2009

Story # 194: My lovely neighborhood

Hia everyone,

Happy Sunday!
here are some pictures I took of my neighborhood when I went gallivanting with Mr. L.

p/s: I saw the largest dandelion ever. It was gigantic. Probably 20 times bigger than the normal dandelion.

This is in back of our house. Desert land.

This beautiful garden is my dream garden. I really like the smaller flowers.

I would hold the normal dandelion with only my thumb and my pointer finger. But this gigantic dandelion required the whole hand!

Mr. L and his hair going awry. Anyways, I just can't stress enough how huge it is!

There was only one dandelion in the area that was so huge. It wasn't hard to spot it at all.

Oh, our neighbor's lamb. It went "maaaaaaaaaaa..." and I was like "where's the baby?"

I love darling flowers like these. It's like sunflowers, but way smaller. A whole garden of it would be so pretty. Don't you think?

This ranch was by the highway and we just had to stop and took the pictures in the twilight. I wish I could just run in there and get all wet. It sounds like super fun. I miss the rain too much!


These pictures were taken today when we went to visit our family's friends.

I love and hate trampoline. I love it when I watch people do flips on it but I hate it when Mr. L comes jumping on it and try to bounce me. I want to learn some tricks though...hopefully, I don't break my neck doing it. Am an old lady with old bones now.

I want this for my back yard in the future. A nice hammock and a good book. That's life.

What's a frog's worst enemy? A little boy who is not afraid of it and pulls its legs. By the way, this is Kandon, my new favorite boy. A very bossy little boy, who happens to love clinging onto me on the trampoline.

Cholla Creek. I didn't realize it was a Spanish name and said "Chola," instead of "Choya."

The panoramic view of a mansion. Love it, love it, love it! Maybe it's time to go house-viewing and drool over all the nice houses til Mr.L and I can finally afford to get one.

I had a great Sunday. What about ya?


Leighton Whiting said...

i should stop being lazy and update my blog

A Real Good Bet said...

I love those yellow flowers!
Do you know what kind they are?