Monday, June 29, 2009

Story # 195: My Crib, improved.

One of my recent obsessions since I became jobless is "room makeover-ing". I've been reading a ton of interior design and home makeover blogs. I also borrowed magazines and books regarding house and room decorating from the public library (can't say how much I love the public libraries here! It's a poor-girl-who-loves-books' heaven.

I got a lot of ideas and tips on how to rearrange my furniture and decorate my lovely room. Since I don't have a house of my own, I took pleasure in decorating only our room, walk-in closet, and bathroom. I was very frustrated with all the things that we have and the limited space to store them. It was full of mostly my stuff since I am such a shopper. So, the room was pretty messy at first. Clothes, books, papers, electronics, shoes, and unopened snacks everywhere. I organized them most of the days but they would soon go out of place again.

So, the first thing I did as advised was to throw away stuff that you don't need. Man, it was hard. I can't seem to throw anything away. But I did anyways, mostly just papers I don't need.

Then, I looked around my room and had a visual plan in my head on how I want my room to look like. After that, I planned out a few projects, such as turning the wall in my closet into a storage place for my necklaces and making decorative things for my bathroom.

I went shopping for so many things, mostly at Wal-mart since it's my favorite store. I bought vases, wall hooks, drawers, bookshelf, photo frames, and a lot of smell good stuff.

Here are the before and after pictures of some corners in my room. Bear in mind that the makeover process is still going on. So, please await the improvement.

Before: All the boxes of books and food from Malaysia stored in the boxes. Totally cluttered.

After: A bookshelf we bought and assembled. Now, my Harry Potter books finally have a home. I also utilized my wedding bouquet as a part of the decor. It was stuck in a box in the garage after the wedding. Now I have a better use of it and it reminds me of the wonderful day every time I see it.

Bookshelf: Wal-Mart $19
Vase for the bouquet: Wal-Mart $0.99

This vase was the exact right size for my bouquet. Very elegant. Oh, do you see the butterfly on the flowers?

Butterfly: Michael's craft store $1.99

My desk.

Before: Very messy. A great desk, but in desperate need of organization. Notice the books under the table. I just stick every book in there to move them out of the way.

This was before I bought the black bookshelf. I decided to arranged the books nicely and use the under of my desk as a temporary bookshelf. It's so much tidier and I can find my recipe books so much easier. The 2 scripture bags are have a place to go now.

After: Yay! The mouse pad was a personalized item. I got the picture from the internet and sent it to Wal-Mart photo and had it made. $7.99
The photo frames with our wedding photo shoot were also used during our wedding reception. Very memorable items for me. The cake topper is called "Hold dear the promise of love" by Willow tree was a wedding present from one of our friends. It was in the box for the longest time and I finally know what to do with it.

Both the photo frames are $1.00 each from Dollar Tree.

K, that's all for today. I'll show you my improved closet and the bathroom next time (I am so excited!!!). Stay tuned!


Leighton Whiting said...

Thanks babe, it looks wonderful^^ :)

Ivy said...

do post more cause i'm looking for inspiration to decorated my room too. I'll show you my room next time we talk on skype.