Monday, July 13, 2009

Story # 200: A Bathroom Affair

A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a person's life. There are a few reasons why this is so. 1) You can't live without it, can you? (unless you are Dwight in "The Office"), 2) It is a place of sanctuary for most girls (think about the place you go to when you are crying and want to hide from the world's eyes), 3)It is a cool place to hang out (Have you tried spending hours in the bathroom talking to your friends, taking self-portrait in front of the mirrors, and/or make yourself presentable while talking on the phone?)

My bathroom is VERY important to me because of all the things mentioned above plus a few more reasons of my own. My bathroom is no common bathroom. It is a place I spend a lot of my time in. I usually need at least an hour to 1 1/2 hour to get ready to go out (shower, "lotioning", skin care routine, make up routine, and hair).

I was going through a phase in my life when I was obsessed with everything bath related--bathtub, bath robe, bathing milk and body gels, bath salt, essential oil, and candles. I love taking warm baths. I feel healthy and clean after each bath. My bath recipe is Lavender Bath Milk, honeydew melon essential oil, Bath salt (depending on what I feel like using), and Sea Salt. I also put some silk flower petals in the tub to make me feel like a spoilt princess. Never underestimate the power of cinnamon apple candle. Makes me feel so relaxed everytime. Last but not least, music. I played Yiruma or other soothing music on my iphone I placed on the counter. There you go, a perfect bath for a tiring day. My dream is to have a bathtub outside the house, in the garden where I could hear birds chirping, watch the clouds move, and feel the breeze in my face.

My tub :)

picture taken from

Here's the before and after of one section in my bathroom.

Before: My cosmetic bags filled with other empty cosmetic bags and gadgets. I don't have a picture of it but the window sill above the toilet was empty.

After: Much effort has been put into this makeover. Now it's nice and feels like a cool hang out place complete with seat and flowers :)

See the 3 mini pots I bought for my window sill plants? Tres mini. Tres cute.
There's the blue and white silk flower display for my wedding.

The thing in the middle is a heart-shaped bowl with pot pourri.
Heart-shaped bowl: $0.99 Wal-Mart
Pot Pourri: $3.00 Wal-Mart
Flower head pin: $3.00 Medieval Fair

The frame with the L-O-V-E word is made by yours truly. I made them with the different color buttons bought from Wal-Mart. I stole the idea from an Etsy seller.
Frame: $2 Wal-Mart
Buttons: $forgot but way cheap. Wal-Mart

A handmade hand towel. This is a wedding gift. I think it's supposed to go to the kitchen but hey I think it looks good in my bathroom. It's like a little dress for a baby. I love the beautiful knit pattern.

I hope you enjoy your bathroom too!

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