Monday, July 20, 2009

Story # 202: Soak up the sun on Lake Powell

Last weekend was crazy! Actually, my weekend started on Wednesday. I was whining about how bored I was on Monday because I just couldn't wait til Wednesday when my week would get funner.

We were invited to Mr. L's uncle's houseboat on Lake Powell. I was sooooooooo excited when I first found out that we were going. I have been wanting to go to Lake Powell for forever! I've heard so many good things about it and saw pretty pictures of it. We drove for a couple of hours to get there. It was funny how we went from Utah to Arizona, then back to Utah again on the highway.

On the way to Lake Powell. The flat desert land and the mountains in a distance. I love road trips.

We passed several small towns before we got there. I was pretty tired when we got there. We waited on the shore for Uncle Dan to come get us on his boat. We got on the boat fine and drove back to his houseboat. There were so many houseboats on the lake. It was like houses or RV on the water. They each have their own parking spots. After we parked the small boat by the houseboat, I climbed out carrying my pillows and blanket and what not, and the boat drifted a little and I missed a step, tripped, and fell on my face on the houseboat. Man, that was embarrassing. It hurt too! But all was well when I got inside the houseboat and saw how nice and luxurious it was.

The boat that took us to the houseboat. The one that I tripped on.

Many other houseboats on the lake. It's like a neighborhood.

The inside of the boat. This is the living room area. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in the house.

The dock.

The houseboat that we stayed on. I think it's called Redrock Cross or something like that.

We slept outside that night because there were many of us and we wanted to look at the stars. It was fun at first. But then it got so windy at night I kept waking up to the flapping of the screen/curtains on the other end of the deck. My throat got really dry too. I had never slept outside before.

In the morning I woke up before everybody else did. I was so sensitive to the light. Even when the sun was still down, I could sense the sky getting lighter. I woke up and took some pictures while everyone was asleep. I watched the sky turn pink and orange. What a beautiful sight. the sunrise has such power of giving people hope and make people feel good. I felt great and all my sleepiness went away.

Before the sun was even up

Sunrise. First time waking up early enough to see one in years.

After breakfast and changing, everyone was excited to go out onto the lake and have fun. I was worried that the water would be too cold but it felt great. We went jet-skiing first. Crazy how it went so fast and I was screaming the whole time. I was way scared for the jet-ski to flip. Brady, Mr.L's 6 year-old cousin was not scared at all. He was cheering the whole time. "Wee..." he said. I was like -_-

After jet skiing, we went tubing. I had no idea what it was until I got on it and the boat started to pull us on the lake. I think the whole purpose of this was to throw people off the tube by making them bounce on the wave created by the speedboat. We held on tight and we went on for along time before we hit this one huge wave that knocked me off my senses and threw me in the water. I thought I heard my neck pop. Man, that was something. I got my sore neck from that afterward.

Ethan, Chantelle, and Brady

I got back on the houseboat and I was dying. I changed out of my swimming suit and we ate lunch and played Taboo. It was a fun game. I love it more than any other board games we have. After that we went back in the water for another jet-ski trip. It was crazy hot. I am so glad my Asian skin didn't permit me to get sunburn as I watched Mr. L and his siblings turned red like roasted chicken.

What happened to this picture? Anyways, it's like motorbik-ing on the water.

Ethan and Averson

Baby Karly and her cute fedora hat.

The cutest baby in the block

After resting, we went sliding down the slide on roof of the house boat. It felt like a 10 foot drop. I would have had the hardest time letting myself go on the slide had it not been scalding hot on the roof. I did a belly flop! PAINFUL! I went down the slide twice just for the sake of the pictures. Mr. L didn't take the first pic right so I had to go again. haha... It was pretty fun though.

See how it is a pretty far drop?

That's a weird pose.

Fishing? Not my thing. I was just posing.

On the way home,

the beautiful sunset drew a close to our fun trip in Lake Powell. Maybe we'll go back in September again. I half-look forward to it because even though I love to play in the water, I dread the cold in September. We shall see :)


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