Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Story #215: In the library...I blog.

A quick update:

1. I can't believe I have to study for my fashion sewing class. Not only do we need a 40-dollar thick text book on everything about sewing, we also have a workbook to go with it. Oh, not to mention the lab work too. I am not sure if I am liking all the work I have to put into it. Maybe I just need to wait for a few weeks for the enjoyment to kick in.

2. When I was in BYUH, I took a music theory class, in which I learn about the circles of fifth, the major and minor chords, and how to transpose (??) music. I wasn't able to read notes fast when I was taking that class though. After a year since my graduation, I lost all of the music theories I have learnt, but I can read notes so much faster now, both treble and bass clefs. What's up with that?

3. While I am at school, I miss my bed. While I am at home, I don't miss school. can that be if I LOVE to be in school?

4. I love to come to school because it's like I am at a fashion show. So many pretty gals with pretty clothes. So much inspiration.

5. I need to design something and look for a model for my Fashion sewing class by the end of the semester. Anyone has any idea what I should make?

6. I am looking for a film SLR camera that costs less than 20 bucks. I looked everywhere and only ebay has something like that. Where else can I look?

7. Books are super expensive, especially the dumb business class. 135dollar for a used book? Ugh... I miss being an English major.

8. I want to make cupcakes so badly. I am addicted to the idea of fun cupcake decorating.

9. I love my graphic design class. We are looking at magazine ads the whole time. Woohoo~

10. Mr.L and I NEED to go on our honeymoon before the time flies so fast that our 1st anniversary arrives first.

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