Sunday, August 02, 2009

Story # 208: Abnormal days in the life of a stay-at-home wife

There was a lot going in the past 3 days.
I had been pretty bored at home so I was so happy when we had some unusual days.

•Chantelle's birthday
Mr.L's little sister turned 19 on the 30th of July. We didn't know what a 19 year old would need so we gave her some money to buy whatever she needs for school and stuff. I made her a b'day card too. It was my first time making a card and I had a lot of fun with it. I had to refer to many card-making gurus' sites to get ideas for a card. My creativity is limited to only writing. Outside of writing, I basically am creative-less.
We have a tradition for birthdays. My mother-in-law would place the present on top of the birthday girl/boy's head and said "Heavy, heavy, hang over thy poor head, what do you wish for the giver." Then the birthday girl/boy would have to wish something nice for the people who give her/him the present. Chantelle wished that Leighton would get earn lots of money so that we can move back to Hawaii. I can't wait for that wish to come true!

A couple of puppies were in our yard when we went outside to play with Max. It was a pleasant surprise. We played with them for a while and I was getting attached to these cute little beings. Too bad we couldn't keep them so we went looking for their owners. Our neighbor's boy knew where the puppies came from so we took them home. It was a nice little adventure and now I know what dogs I want for me in the future :)

•June and Chris' wedding (31st of July)
This was such an emotional event for me. We were able to go to the temple and witness the wedding of our dear friends. I have known June and Chris for over a year. I briefly met them the first time I came to Utah more than a year ago. It was nice to know that they were getting hitched. I am very happy for them. They were perfect for each other.
I cried when I was in the sealing room. I can't watch people cry and not shed a tear or two. June and her mom were crying, and I heard some sniffing sound from the back of the room and my eyes were full of tears in seconds. It was a joyful and spiritual moment. I was reminded of my own wedding and all the goodness of it.

On the same day, we went camping because Chris and June didn't have a reception. We went camping over at Goosebury mesa. This was my first time going camping and sleeping in a tent. It wasn't as bad as I had imagined. Though it was kinda inconvenient if you want to go to the bathroom. I peed like 5 times in a day so it was no fun for me.
I am slightly paranoid about outdoor activities sometimes. I worry about my safety. I worry about the wild animals and maybe some serial killers hiding in the bush waiting to slaughter us in the middle of the night.
I had fun eating the food Paul cooked over the bonfire. We roasted marshmallows too. We went looking around in the bushes and rocks and cutting cactuses (cactuses is a correct word, I looked it up. I refuse to say cacti. It sounds so wrong!). As usual, I fell on my face when I leaped from one rock to another. I have twin bruises on my knees now and scraped my hand a little. For a second I felt like bursting into tears but like Leighton said, I have high pain-tolerance, and the pain went away as quickly as it had came.
At night, we played Phase 10 in the tent in the flash light and went to sleep under the moon. Amazingly, I fell asleep in minutes and I slept pretty well. I think I am a lot more into this camping business now. Thanks Paul and Nikki for taking us with you!

Nikki and I were so excited to see the apple trees. I was super excited because I had never seen one before!

They were way too young for plucking but we didn't care. We thought we could eat them on while we were camping. We came to a rude awakening that the unripe apples could cause diarrhea!

These were the 4 apples I plucked. SO CUTE!!

Driving in the desert. We saw many ravens on the way. Too bad my camera can't zoom in that far.

I tripped on the cactus!!!!!! Only my feet though. I was so glad I wore my running shoes instead of my flip flops!

This picture is funny. There were bugs flying around when the camera snapped the picture and it looks like Nikki was kicking my face.

I love how we never run out of things to do here. Can't wait for the next adventure.

Stay tuned!

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Good Stuff! I love having things to do too!