Saturday, August 08, 2009

Story # 209: I am not a MADAM.

To whom it may concern:

It pricks my ears to hear people address me as "Madam Ting." I know that in Malaysia almost everyone there totally misuse this term. We use "madam" to address any lady who is married and still uses her maiden name. Say, me. When I got married, I am either to be addressed as "Mrs. Whiting," or "Madam Ting" in Malaysia.

But it bugs me so much because no one ever calls me "Madam" here in the U.S and when my friends or relatives call me "Madam," they were totally making fun of me! (Is it such a crime to be married? I am still as young and have as much "Miss" in me as I do before the white gown and bouquet thing happened to me).

I looked up the term in the dictionary and this is what I found.

used to address or refer to a woman in a polite or respectful way : Can I help you, madam?
( Madam) used to address a woman at the start of a formal or business letter : Dear Madam, …
( Madam) used before a title to address or refer to a female holder of that position : Madam President.
a woman who runs a brothel.

ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French ma dame ‘my lady.’

So, you see, my friends, I don't fit into any of those descriptions given in the English dictionary (The know-it-all of the English language, mind you).
I mean, if you are addressing me in a polite and respectful way, then, you could call me "Madam."
Or if one day I somehow become a female police officer, or if I become a president for some companies, you are welcome to call me "Madam Ting".
And no, I will never run a BROTHEL!

And if you feel like it, I don't mind to be called, Ma dame (my lady) :)

So, dear friends, even if you are live in Malaysia, it doesn't give you any excuse to misuse the honorable word, "Madam."

Of course I meant this post to be a friendly reminder and not a reprimand (I am not mad). You know my sense of humor, don't you? hehe...


Stories of Snow *-* said...

Lol.....I bet i'm he first one called u mdm here lol...:P But don worry i wont call u tat in face, you owes the pretty miss Ting Ee Wen la....hehehe, in return don owes call me tortoise :P

sharon said...

Don't worry, siaw chin, you are definitely not the first one to call me Madam. I have a lot of friends who joke with me like that. I don't mind joking la. Like I said, this post is for fun only. haha... you will always be my tortoise like I will always be your giraffe.