Sunday, August 09, 2009

Story # 210: What have we been up to lately?

I am very pleased to tell you that I am accepted to Dixie State College to get my Visual Technology certificate. YAY!!!!! I will be starting school in less than 2 weeks. Mr. L is going back to school at the same time to finish his BS Computer Science. I can't wait!!!!

At the mean time, we also in the process of getting some police certificates from the places I lived in in the past 5 years because my finger prints scans failed. We went to Vegas yesterday to have my fingerprints taken and my left ring finger print was bad because I have been experiencing hand dermatitis due to the dry weather here plus washing my hands too many times (Can you believe it? How many people you know actually have this kind of thing happening to them?Gawd!) Anyways, we hope that as soon as we get all the police clearances sent in to the FBI, then we'll be able to take a break from dealing with the USCIS.

These are just a couple of pictures taken of the casinos at the Strip in Vegas while we were at the stop light.
New York New York

MGM Grand

We also have been doing many fun things over the summer (including going out of Utah a few times). Some of which you might have already seen in my previous posts. Others were just some fun things we do with our friends, like playing games at their house, going swimming over at the Yoders', dinner over at ours when I cooked a 4 course meal.
I am actually very proud of my cooking ability now. haha... Like I said previously on Facebook that I am amazed to find out that my creativity lies in cooking. I enjoy food and I am glad I get to create them too. It's a huge accomplishment for me as a stay-at-home wife. Sorry, I don't have any photos of the dishes I cooked. I think I'm gonna start a food blog and invite friends and family to contribute to it. It can be really fun! Let me know if you wanna contribute. It's gonna be great!

Also, I finally bought my first nightgown in my life (we bought many bed-related stuff on our last trip to Wal-Mart--2 firm pillows and a queen size bed sheets set). I never really cared what I wear to sleep. I still don't, I guess. I could just wear a t-shirt, and a pair of shorts and jump in bed. But since I always cook in those clothes and have like water or oil splashed on me, I figured it's a bad idea to go to bed in the same clothing. So I bought 2 nigh gowns from Wal-Mart. They are super cute because they are actually meant for kids. But since I am still a kid in heart and the nightgowns are big enough for me, I bought them without any hesitation. I was initially planning to get only one but Mr.L and I disagreed on what looked good on me, so we bought 2. Can you guess which is the one I picked for myself and which is the one he thinks look cute on me? Cast your vote. LOL!

Item A

Item B

Our room was SO messy (Nikki can attest to that), so we change the sheets and now it's BEAUTAMOUS!

Oh, we are also regular visitors of the library. There are so many treasures in the library! I always end up borrowing more than I can read in 2 weeks. I was totally blown away when I found out we could check out fashion magazines too! Anyways, I found something fabulous on our last trip there. It was a book I have always wanted but talked myself out of buying it (it costs $32). Now I get to read it for free!!!! I have to make some copies of the pages I like of course since I can't have the book forever. Maybe I will be a pro make up artist one day. Yipee!!

So yea, we are basically enjoying our lives here despite the fact that I am also always complaining about the weather (It's actually getting cooler here. Autumn is definitely approaching!). We have many fun-tivities coming up. Some things we planned to do are the Washinton County Fair, my friend's reception in Provo, hiking in Zion's National Park and Bryce Canyon, Missionary reunion in Salt Lake, General Conference in October, and maybe Thanksgiving trip to Texas.

So, dear all, even though I might be gone from my blog a lot when school starts, I would definitely update you on our life. Come visit me always!


A Real Good Bet said...

You must be SO happy to get to go back to school! How long does it take to get that certificate? Is it just a semester?

Let me know when you start the food blog. that would be fun!

Lianna said...

Haha, you're not the only one with fingerprint problems! I got mine done with an electronic thing, and they had to redo several fingers like 8 times! Something about massage therapists and wearing off their prints... hehe.