Thursday, August 13, 2009

Story # 211: My fair-y tale

Yester-evening, we went to the Washington County fair. It was just like any other fair that I've been to.

Only, it offered a little bit more. There were many displays of arts and crafts that people submitted for the contests. This was something new for me.

There was a bear show but we missed it.

I remember when Mr. L first told me about this fair and how he used to win some money entering his school crafts and stuff in the contests, I was like, "Oh my gosh, what kind of small town am I in? I need to get my butt out of here!" In my mind, I think that only super tiny town people would actually enter such a contest to "earn" some money. And that is no life for a girl like me.

However, admiring the talents of the people who submitted their creative crafts was the highlight of my night. I am not much of a craft person because I am not very creative and good with my hands. But I really admire people who have the talents in making quilts, knitting, baking and designing cakes, and etc. It makes me want to learn to do all those things.

They also have this town art competition of which each town in the Washington County would make a logo for their town out of beans, rice, wheat, sand, and all that stuff. The theme was something related to Dinosaur. It was pretty cool!

I live here. Do you see the green dinosaur hill? and the orange dinosaur?

St. George

This is my favorite, La Verkin

I was also amazed to find out that people actually entered the crops that they grow in the contest (please don't remind me I live close to ranches and farms). It was funny to see oversized sunflowers that looked as if they are from extra-terrestrial, or tomatoes that looked mutated.

Guess what? This is beet. And they say Chicken feet is nasty??????? Who would even put this in their mouth?

Next year, I think I might enter some of my photography in the contest, though the thought of entering one's craft and stuff in a fair like this is still quite unsettling to me. The only reason I am going to enter is to prove that I am not just a photographer wannabe, I can actually shoot GREAT pictures.

The rides were NO FUN to me. I was so pumped up at first and told Mr. L that I would go on every single ride there was in the fair. The first ride we went on was StarShip. We went on it with Mr.L's little cousins whose ages are not even half of mine. They kept telling me it was fun and I actually fell for it -_- I never liked fair rides because I am always concern about the safety issues (DisneyLand rides are different though).

The first thing I did when I went inside the round ride was gasped. Little did I know that it was a standing-up ride. Man, I shouldn't have gone on that ride. It ruined me. It was the most uncomfortable ride ever. I don't even see the point of it. You just stand in there in a circle, holding on to nothing and then the machine started spinning you. It spins so fast that you started "lying down" on your back, and your arms are pinned down to your sides because of the inertia, or force, or whatever physics term you want to call it. After that ride, the whole earth spun.

I begged Mr.L to not let me go on another ride but I gave in after he said the other spinning ride was fun. You thought I'd have learnt my lesson. Nope. I went on this other ride with the kids again and spun myself silly and screamed my head off. Brady, who was sitting next to me, was for a second, acting like he was going of slip down the seat and fly off. I held on to him and heard him laughed and yelled, "Yippee." This is a devil's child! He knows no fear!

After I got off my second ride. I had had enough. I could feel my stomach acting weird. Poor Mr.L had to take me home only after using 4 out of the 20 tickets we bought. He also had to endure hearing me gag the whole way home.

I was in a foul mood when we walked out of the fair ground towards the parking lot. There was this high school kid who thought it would be funny to scare us by screaming at us as we walked past each other. *!@$@$%#%* My first reaction was to turn around and yell at him. Of all the things I could have said, I called him "stupid" as if "stupid" was the worst comment. Then he turned and said across his shoulder, "I get to punk you so that's ok." What the.... I totally turned back and yelled at him one more time, with the same comment--"stupid." Normally, I would just laugh it off, but I was already tortured by the stupid rides and he just caught me at the wrong time.

That was not the end of the story, my friends. After reaching home, I puked in the bathroom (only tiny bit) and after an hour of tossing and turning in bed, my dizziness finally subsided and I had to force two cookies down my throat to ease my sick stomach.

No, I will not go on another county fair ride anymore (maybe the Ferris Wheel).

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