Saturday, August 15, 2009

Story # 212: Family and Pets

Mr. L's aunt Carrie and uncle Toby were in town yesterday and we went and met with them. They are truck drivers and they were on their way from California to Chicago, Illinois.

I had not meet them before so I was excited to go and have lunch with them. When we got to home depot, where they parked their semi-truck at the spacious parking lot, they invited us to get on their truck.

My feet couldn't even reach the brake and the accelerator. And oh, I could stand up straight inside too!

I wasn't expecting much from a truck. You know, truck was just a truck, big and long. The inside was a bit different though. We went on the front compartment. It's amazing. They have bunk beds in it. They even have TV that can be tucked away to make space. They could also put a small fridge in it if they wanted to. There was also some closet spaces.

Aunt Carrie and I sitting on their bed inside the truck. COOL, eh?

I sat on the driver's seat and it gave me a chill. Imagine me driving this monstrous truck. I would have run over a VW bug if and not know it. Oh, and imagine going down hill with all the loads at the back pushing.

The satellite tracker and all the very high tech stuff for trucks.

Respect for the truck drivers. It's pretty hard work, driving for hours and hours. The good thing about it though was that they have been to all but 3 states in the US.

They treated us to Ihop, one of Mr.L's and my favorite restaurant. So much good food and they serve breakfast food for most of the day. I ordered a salad. So delicious and so huge.

Meat-eater friendly salad :)

After the small reunion, we went to Petco to try to get me a pet. I wanted a hedgehog. They didn't have it. I was tempted to get the hamster, but they are all not the color I like.

No, this isn't a hamster. I couldn't take a good picture of the grey hamsters cause they were too tiny. But this rat is repulsive to me. It's long tail and the red eyes. *shiver*

I considered getting a parakeet (Do you think I look like a bird person?)

and even one of those shark fish. Ultimately, I wanted a puppy. Too bad I can't get one now since I am starting school soon and no one could take care of it when I am gone. So, we ended up not getting any pets. We got some super cute dog cookies for Max and Nikki though.

These dog cookies look so good! They looked like they could have been for humans too.

I gotta go now. Check back soon!

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