Saturday, August 22, 2009

Story # 213: Gift stores and the ever charming Springdale

In the past week, my life was tedious. I slept in everyday like it was nobody's business. I woke up at ridiculous hours, usually close to noon. I guess a part of me wanted to sleep in so much because I would be going to school tomorrow and no students ever gets enough sleep! But I also don't like to waste my days sleeping away. I decided I need to go outside! Mr. L took me to Springdale and we had so much fun there! I am so lucky to have Mr.L in my life. He says yes to everything I want to do.

Our first stop was Fort Zion, a tiny tourist place with a gift store and a petting zoo. It was in Virgin town. The town was named after the Virgin river (thought I should make that clear for some of my friends). It was a sweet place. I passed this place many times but never really got down to see what it had to offer. This was my first time.

I love the Native American arts and crafts. I LOVE THEM! I can't get over how expensive they are though. I had a goal to not spend any money on this little trip because I spent too much online shopping yesterday. Therefore, I didn't get the dream-catcher (for some reason, I always call it dream-chaser) of my dream (it's 30 bucks, by the way). I love how the American Indians use a lot of feathers in their crafts. I really really love the feathers in everything. I also love the leather strips they use (only I don't endorse animal hunting. I know, it's a dilemma!).

This is the dream-catcher that I love. I have to get it the next time I visit the gift store.

This is a map of the US with the locations of all the different American Indian tribes. I never knew there were so many different tribes.

This is something. I don't exactly know what it is. I think it might be some toys for babies. It's really cute though. I would get one for my kids.

The arrows were made of sharpened stone and feathers.

When I first saw this thing, I was like, "What kind of freaky animal is that?"
Mr.L said it's the butt of a deer and they stuck the eyes and the mouth there.
So weird! Seriously, who has so much time on their hands to do something like that?

Apart from the American Indian stuff they sell, this store also has a lot of cowboy stuff. You know how I feel about cowboys. I was so excited to see all the cowboy boots and hats.


On the way to Springdale, there were a lot of nice houses that I absolutely adore. It even has a pet daycare which was suppose to make your life easier if you happen to bring your pet with you to the national park.

Don't you just love the majestic rock mountains?

We stopped outside of a really cool looking house/store. I was immediately drawn to all the ceramics and potteries on display. Look at the pictures, all of the kitchenware and vases were handmade by different artists. They totally sparked an interest in me for ceramic making. I am blown away by how talented all these artists were in creating so many amazing masterpieces. Again, I was not very happy with the price. Not that I think they were overpriced, it's just not like me to spend 200 plus dollars on a glass plate if I could get it cheaper somewhere else or make it myself.

The gallery was called "Worthington Gallery" and it represented 25 different artists. To see more, go to their official website here. They have really really cool stuff there.

These took my breath away. So gorgeous.

Perfect for me!

Cool wind chimes made from glass.

We also went to two photo galleries. The USA is so blessed with all the breath-taking sceneries like Zion's National Park. The talented photographers captured so many stunning photos in their own way that I found so inspiring. I want to be a great landscape photographer too.

This was at the Fatali Gallery. It's like a private bar for the photographers private guests. Look at all the wines in the wine cellar.

This camera... ASTOUNDING. There's something really sophisticated and romantic about it.

This was taken outside of the David West gallery in Springdale. He is so awesome. His photos are like world-class gorgeous. He was also chosen to be in the TOP 10 finalist for 2009 Hasselblad Masters photography competition. Go see his amazing works here.

Across from the David West gallery was a farm with some elks in it. They are huge.
Psst... a secret. I have no idea how to tell the difference between elk, deer, and caribou.

After our nice little lunch and squirrel feeding at Sol Foods at the entrance to the Zion's National Park, we went to an apple orchard. You could go and pick all the apples you want and pay for them at the cabin. I was in awe to see all the red apples in the trees. Thousands of them. I love it. It's nice to see where the fruits you buy in the market come from. I've always imagined apple trees to look a bit differently. I'm glad I know what they really look like now.

On the way home. I love the rock mountains and the plains. Again, I wish I were a great photographer.

The Virgin river.

This little trip to Springdale has opened my eyes to so many new things and awakened my deepest desire to be artistic. I love the nature and I am so blessed to be a part of it and in it. Have a great school year and see you soon :)


Leighton Whiting said...

It was really a lot of fun going there. We should do it again sometime!

A Real Good Bet said...

Haha. You went to the two galleries of people I know! Michael Fatali used to be my friend's brother in law, and David West is my cousins' uncle! =)