Monday, August 24, 2009

Story # 214: First day of school, again :)

It's the first day of school today.

I am in the library, waiting for my next class to start at 5.30pm. I haven ever had a class in late afternoon before. This is something new.

The first thing that struck me this morning when I walked into the Hazy building was there were almost no Asian looking people in there. I was so used to seeing Asians and Polynesians when I was in BYU-H, I found it strange to see only caucasians. *Note to self: Move out of Utah when we are done with school.* I am not racist. I just need a multi-cultural setting.

This is going to be a busy, but great semester. For the first time, I have no pressure about studying. I am not going to school to get a degree now. I am going to school to learn something I love...and for fun.

I have already been to 3 classes today. There are 2 more to go. I got to school before 8am and I will leave the campus at 9pm (Only on Mondays do I have the 8-9pm class though). I am so sleepy and I have the hardest time trying to fall asleep on the couch in the library.So, I decided to blog.

Apart from my Visual Technologies classes, I am also taking a beginner photography class. I get to do film photography instead of digital photography. I also will have the opportunity to go into the darkroom, mess with the chemicals, and develop my own pictures. I am so looking forward to that. I may even get to play with double exposure, something I have been dying to learn ever since the first time I heard about it.

Of course, there's the boring business class that I have to take. Luckily, I only have to take 2 business classes and they are all about human relations and how to work in the real world.

Remember in my last post I talked about those beautiful ceramics and pottery? I went to the class as a visiting student and I couldn't stand it. I would be having fun if only I could just dive into the real action, instead of listening to a lecture at 5.30pm for 3 hours after I just had some Taco Bells. It was too much for me. I was too tired. I cannot go to more classes without risking dying of exhaustion.

Oh, Mr.L and I are in two classes together. He's trying to test out of one of the classes though, since he's already ahead of anyone of us in that room. I love marrying a smart man.

Though I really want to take the oil painting class, I think I'll have to wait til next semester to do it. I can't do Fashion Sewing and oil painting at the same time. My friend, June, asked me to take the Fashion sewing class with her. I am so excited about it. I think we're gonna have a lot of fun together. I am looking at my making my own apron, pillow cases, and simple dresses in 4 months.

Can you tell that I am super-enjoying school now?

I love it!!!

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