Friday, September 04, 2009

Story # 218: Peach Day and more...

Hia my sweets,
It's been long. But I have not forgotten thee at all. School life is very busy for Mr.L and I. I spend so much time at school I feel like I should have just move next to the campus to save the one hour drive to and from school. I am loving every second of it though. I love having a good lifestyle again. I love learning new things everyday. Most of all, I love having a chance to dress up again. Now I won't have to feel guilty walking into my closet because my clothes are screaming "wear me, wear me!"

I can't wait for colder days so I can wear these!!!

High school students...I don't understand them. A bunch of masked "super heroes" came to Wendy's. So that must mean Wendy's is so good that even super heroes love it.

Apart from school, Mr.L and I have been doing some fun stuff, such as shopping (very reluctantly on his part), eating at Wendy's (best baked potato and chicken nuggets ever!), and gaming.

Today is a bit different though. We finally caught up with our laundry and cleaning up our room. Then, we went to the Peach Day festival (people celebrate peaches here!). It was a lot of fun. I love all the crafts and stuff people were selling. I love the little tutus, it should be a part of every lady's wardrobe.

I got to play harp too, for the first time in my life. It was actually pretty easy! I played the whole "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" in just five minutes. I guess learning piano makes it easier.

I also made cupcakes today. I have been dying to make some since I stumble upon some pretty cool sites about cupcakes. I don't really like eating them though, I just want to put icing on them and decorate them. It was a fun experience and I got to do it with Mr.L, so it's extra fun (it's hard to get this man into cooking and baking).

Just a small update about our live here in the desert. The weather is getting less hostile now. There were actually heavy rains these past 2 days. Yay...I can feel autumn already.

Happy Labor Day's weekend and Happy Birthday to my chica, Vicky Lujan.

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