Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Story # 222: Bryce Canyon

My trip to Bryce Canyon was fantastic. It was so amazing to see all the picture-perfect views in person. It was one of those places on my must-go-and-must-see list.

The most amazing thing about the trip was to see the nature and marvel and wonder at the formation of the great canyon. I was so grateful for my eyes and contacts when I beheld the majestic rocks and walls that made Bryce so different. Of course, it was also a treat to be able to hang out with our dear friends. Our Bryce Canyon trip turned out to be a whole day thing, from the hike in the morning to the dinner and movie at night.

After the 2 hikes at the canyon, we went to the Old Bryce Town to get the "butt-crack ice cream," as named by Paul. I love the gift shops =]

Needless to say, Yours Truly sucked at anything that requires working the muscles of her body. I was like the slowest person and screamed the loudest at the tiniest thing. My paranoid feeling of falling down the steep trails and dying from breaking my neck kicked in millions of times as I was advancing up the slope to look at the rock-formed window. My mom would kill me if she knew what I did.

When I got home, my legs almost break. My thighs were so painful I felt like my muscles were swelling. When our guests left, I finally told Mr.L he had to carry me up the stairs because I could not even stand up, let alone climb up the flight of stairs. It was a nightmare! The pain was so intense that I awoke to the throbbing ache at 3a.m. and begged Mr. L to get me Ibuprofen and a priesthood blessing. I thought I might have to have my legs amputated (now you would think that I am exaggerating, but you have no idea how painful muscle sore can be!). Anyways, miracle happened and the pain went away when I woke up in the morning, not the slightest sore at all. It was as if the pain had never stroke in the first place.

Just a friendly reminder, BE FIT!

*When you look at the pictures, please note how small the people in the pictures are so you can get the rough idea of how HUGE the canyon is.

That little window was a tunnel we have to go through. It was in Zion's Park.

Moss Trail at Bryce. Hiking along the creek.

Tree trunk that has really nice lines

Man-made wall(???)

Nikki and June by the waterfall

It doesn't look it, but it was a very steep slope up to those windows. I was at the bottom of it.


Steep hill that I hiked up to

Ta da~ Bryce, Bryce, Bryce! This was at the Navajo trail (1.8 mile roundtrip)

tiny people!!

Narrow walls

Tree in a tree ?

The rock looked like it was gonna tip.

Looking out the window

View from the Moss trail

I thought I was tall enough to slouch when I go through the arch. Obviously, I overestimated myself. I am a dwarf!!

Hello World!

Canyon girls

Old Bryce Town

Looks like Nikki enjoyed chillin' in the jail and Paul was just stoned.

Rolling the sushi. We were getting so good after making so many.

Love what you see in the pictures? Go see Bryce with your own eyes! It's totally worth it.

I'm signing off now. Good night!

p/s: As I said on my Twitter, my Food blog is coming soon! Contact me if you want to contribute! Thanks.

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