Saturday, September 26, 2009

Story #223: I Eat. Therefore, I Cook.

My favorite Disney movie is Ratatouille. Aside from the cute mouse who talks so sanely, it's the idea that EVERYBODY CAN COOK that made me love this movie so much. I often told people that I could not cook because all my life I hardly enter the kitchen when I was living at home. Food was served by my mother or bought from restaurants. I had a phobia of turning the stove on (it's that paranoia of mine that I might somehow be killed after I turn on the GAS stove).

Then I left home for school in Hawaii and didn't have to cook at all because I lived in the dorm and ate out of the cafeteria. I was sure that I would never learn to cook because cooking seemed like a skill you acquire since young, like piano. Then, I met some good friends who cooked all the time and they cooked really really well. To impressed my boyfriends, I decided to cook some jaw-dropping dishes. It was that determination that led me to discover that by following clear and straightforward recipes, and some common sense, it wasn't hard to cook at all. Sure I've burnt some onions and thrown some inedible stuff I cooked away, but it was the mistakes and experiences that helped me grow so much in cooking. Also, always be creative and dare to try new things because you may just discover the best recipes yet.

After months of talking about it and days of planning, I finally launched my new blog about Food and cooking. I have invited a few of my close friends to contribute to the blog and they are into food and recipes too. So that's good. I am really excited to share my recipes with the world. It's always rewarding to hear the "OMG, this is so good. How did you make it?" or "You're such a good cook the house smells like a Chinese Restaurant everytime you cook." I am not a good cook, but I have great recipes from many good cooks who so willingly share them with me. Now, it's time to pay the goodness forward to others who also wants to cook good food.

So come and enjoy our recipes at I Eat. Therefore, I Cook. Let cooking change your life :)

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