Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Story # 224: Max, my favorite Golden Retriever

I am very fond of Max because he never barked at me when I first came to live with Mr.L and his family. He was also very fond of me because he followed me wherever I went. He still does. Chantelle trained Max to sit during the summer when she came home to stay for a few days. I continued his training by making him sit and feeding him food. Now he sits automatically whenever he sees me with the food. That was not what we had intended for him to learn though. He is supposed to response to the command, "sit," which he never does. Oh well...at least he sits now.

Anyways, Max is super nice and cute. The only thing that's not so good about him was he often bring back dead animals (mostly dead rabbits) he found when he went galavanting around the neighborhood. He might have also killed some kittens and skunks (he smells like a skunk now and that smell lingers FOREVER~).

Max is also very lazy. I am not sure if he's a good watch-dog cause I never really hear him bark. He is very sneaky too. He stays so close behind you when you get home and rushes inside the house before you even let yourself in. What does he do in the house with no one playing with him? He sleeps. Oh ya, he sleeps like there's no tomorrow. He might not be the first dog to sleep like he did in the picture, but it sure tickles me everytime I see it because I just have to take pictures of him sleeping like that ( I already have more than 10 pictures of him sleeping so soundly).

Mr. L: "Uh...Is he dead?"

wee wee wee wee wee wee...

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