Thursday, October 22, 2009

Story #232: Exploring the Wild

Everyday I drive to and from Dixie College. It takes me 30 minutes each way at the speed of 65 to 70 mph. I was always sleepy when I drive early in the morning and at about 3pm (my usual nap time when I am not in school). So, in order to keep myself from sleeping on the wheel, I listened to Sunny 106.1 Jon Smith show, and admired the beautiful surrounding the whole way to my destination.

Indeed, St. George area is blessed with beautiful gigantic mountains and red rocks. It's amazing to see the layers of rocks that formed the majestic mountains and canyons. Everyday when I drive past the Silver Reef sign, I would be imagining what a silver reef look like. When I drove past the arch in the rock, I would be wishing to go there, instead of the school. There's so much to explore and I owe it to myself to see as much as I can this beautiful area which is my home now. A few weeks ago, due to my photography class assignment, I was able to have Mr. L drive me to those places so I could take some AWESOME pictures. I had to use my film SLR camera because my class is a film photography class, not a digital photography class. But I did take some pictures with my point-and-shoot.

A creek in Silver Reef

So this is Children forest.

A path that takes us to the Children's forest.

This leave would soon be brown. The last of summer was when we went here.

This is so amazing! A kiln!!! It's like an igloo in the desert. Mr. L used to camp out here with his friends.

Inside the kiln

A dragonfly. It reminds me of childhood.

Bushes with red branches and roots.

Red Cliffs Park.

The holes in the rock is so yucky to look at for some reason. They reminded me of sores and boils on human flesh.

They are caused by the wind

The arch that I drive by every day.

Quail Lake is located at the exact opposite of the arch on the other side of the freeway.

This used to be at the bottom of the lake and covered with water. Now it's dried up and it's evident to see that trees do grow under the lake.

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can i just say i love your blog! i am so jealous of it! i've been wanting to start a decent blog like this, and the more i see yours the more i think, "why can't mine be more like sharon's???" i miss you, old english classmate! if you want to read my blog, send me your email address via facebook! take care ~esther (fonoimoana) langi