Thursday, October 15, 2009

Story #231: Make Over

I have decided to give myself a makeover. I am parting my hair in the middle and giving my nails some "bling". I am still getting used to how my hair looks now, but I am beginning to like it more and more. My inspiration comes from a ton of models and celebrities. I just wish my bangs get long faster so it wouldn't be such a pain to part them in the middle.

The nail polish is by Hard Candy, a high-end cosmetic brand that recently came to Wal-Mart. Thus, making it affordable at $5 a piece. I painted the first layer with a clear nail polish with lots of silver shimmering stuff in it, then I used the light plum shimmer, called "Date Night" for the second layer. Then, I sealed them in with my favorite L'oreal top coat. My nails are totally sparkling now!

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Derek and Ivy's Story said...

nice!! i'm was parting my fringe in the middle last time but not long enough so maybe do that when it's longer..