Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Story #226:Why I love Fall

It's almost midnight and I can't go to sleep. So here I am, blogging about what Autumn has brought to me so far.

Since it's pretty cold now in St. George with the wind constantly howling outside, Fall has finally brought me much coldness that I had been wishing for ever since the summer heat peaked in July. I remember clearly when the weather change so dramatically. It was on a Wednesday, last Wednesday. The northern wind brought with it the chill in the air. I was dumbfounded. On Tuesday it was still HOT. I mean it. It was very hot and I remember thinking Fall is never going to come to St. George. Then, holy freak, it was so cold the next morning I was shivering when I walked outside to get into the car.

That same week, I went crazy shopping for Fall/Winter clothing. This is one of the most exciting things that Fall has brought me. I have come to love shopping at Ross because I found wonderful things there for really cheap prices. Most of those stuff were even name brand and marked down at least 60 percent. I used to not trust in Ross because I couldn't find anything I like when I was in Hawaii and nothing fit me. Anyways, that was off topic. Back to shopping at Ross. I hauled a few bags of stuff back home and almost broke my arms because I tried to carry too many bags at once up the stairs. I got BOOTS!! Not just any boots, but boots I have coveted for so long. I got coats and jackets, stockings, and gloves. I didn't have any reason to get them in summer but now they become relevant and are staples in my everyday wardrobe. The best thing about them are they were less than 20 bucks per item. Some even less than 5 bucks! Awesomeness? Tell me about it.

Oh, I definitely can't leave out the after-summer sales happening almost everywhere! With new products coming out in Fall, there must be some summer items that have become so irrelevant and unpopular. This is exactly the best time to shop for what were way-over-your-budget. For example, I've been wanting to get a one-piece swimming suit in the summer because I am tired of my bikini, AND one-piece had somehow topped the list of the top-ten must have items this summer. I have found that one-piece has its elegancy and I wanted it. So, Fall has come to my rescue as J.Crew (one of my favorite brand) has an online summer sale. I browsed through the page and found my one-piece swimming suit! It went from $84 to only $19.90!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to blink twice and refresh the page to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. Then, without any hesitation, I ran upstairs (almost tripped a couple of times), grabbed my wallet with shaky hands, and ran back downstairs to purchase the swimming suit. I am so glad they still had my size. Now I am just waiting for its arrival. So, I am sure that next summer I will be able to flaunt this one-piece of mine and tell my story about how I got it for so cheap to whoever who care to listen. Of course, Mr.L laughed so hard when I told him about the purchase. He said he had never heard of anyone buying a swimming suit in the chilly Fall season. Well, he has now and I still think it's one of the best things Fall has brought me.

Autumn has also brought me an excuse to take hot bubbly bath whenever I feel like it. I love love love hot bath. I almost fell asleep everytime I was in there. It's super comfortable. Like a water bed. The smell of the bath gel and candles, as well as the bath salt that draws toxin out of your body make the whole bathing process feels Oh So Wonderful!

How has Fall been treating you?

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