Sunday, November 01, 2009

Story # 234: Happy Halloween!!

Have you ever heard of the song called, "Halloween" by Aqua? I know that they were famous for the "Barbie Girl," and "Doctor Jones" songs, but their "Halloween" song is really great, definitely perfect for Halloween. In fact, I think that was the first Halloween song I heard. Look at the lyrics, it's pretty funky :)

My Halloween started on Thursday because some kids at the day care center at the college came in to our sewing class in their cute costumes and sang to us! sweet. All of us forgot to bring candies so they left empty-handed. I know, I feel bad too.

Halloween is so fun this year. This is the first time I actually went and got a costume and dress up for the celebration. I love love love Halloween. It's like a major costume party in the whole nation. The night before Halloween, we went over to our friends' house and had a little Halloween party there. We dressed up for the fun of it and carved the pumpkins. It was my first time carving a pumpkin and I was really excited about it. I did mine slightly less scary because there are way too many scary-looking ones out there. My jack-o-lantern is a cute one, with anime characters' eyes. :)

Nikki and her horrible self.

Decorations at the Halloween store
Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Carving pumpkins :)

This one is mine! cute!
Mr.L's pumpkin

I really like this one. June's.

The inside of the pumpkin is too gross!! I felt like I am squishing brains!!
Oh, Mr.L's hair is blue!

On Halloween day I was so super excited because I know there would be trick-or-treaters coming to our house. I just couldn't wait to see those kids with their cute costumes. Ok, this is out of topic, but I had to go back to the college to take a test because that's what I do, I always wait til the last minute to take the tests. But studying for and taking an exam on Halloween??? So lame!!! Anyways, back to Halloween. So we bought SO MUCH candies for the trick-or-treaters cause we were expecting maybe 8 to 10 groups of kids showing up at our doorstep. However, since we're living on a street where there aren't so many younger kids, we only had 2 groups of kids coming. Bleh... Now we have so much candy bars left.

Hershey's, Resse's, Kit Kat, Milky Way... I LOVE CANDIES. my trick-or-treat basket?

Trick-or-treaters!! G.I Joe, Ninjas, and a tiny unicorn baby.

Ahh...cross-dresser!! I mean the one in pink hair.
LOL...For a second I really thought he was a girl!

I went trick-or-treating myself because I just couldn't stand waiting at home. I went down this street where my bishop lives and saw so many kids running around in their costumes and carrying sacks of candies! I went trick-or-treating to three houses and was done with it. It's way too tiring to go from door-to-door and getting the rewards (candies) I didn't really want. I guess that's why Halloween is such a big thing for kids. My Halloween ended with me eating pizza and watching Transformers with Mr.L on the DVD.

Assalamualaikum?! Notice his blue teeth? Haha..

My fake lashes and purple contacts.

Next year, we'll move somewhere where there are a lot of kids.

Oh, before I go, let me share with you some chinese vampire clips. They are pretty funny to watch. I totally love the chinese zombie/vampires when I was little even though I was so scared everytime I watched movies about them and they still scare me until today. If you are interested, you should go on google about find out about the chinese ghost day. It's like Halloween, only there's no dress-up party and candies but a ton of money (fake money for ghosts) and incense burning.

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