Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Story # 237: Northern Utah

In my last post I talked a lot about Fall and November. I guess this post would turn out to be the sequel of that. Now you get the idea of how much I love autumn?

I am sure that if you've been following my blog you would have heard me complaining about the whole U.S immigration and visa thing since last year. The good news is, you won't have to hear me complaining about it anymore because it has finally come to an end...at least I won't have to worry about it for 2 years. That is because I have gotten the Greencard! That means I am a permanent resident in the U.S of A now! Yahoo!! I am, however, not a US citizen. I don't think I will be until after I have kids. I am happy to just get the legal stuff behind me now. And this wonderful event of my life took place in November (an early birthday present from the U.S government to me...not literally), in Fall. So, autumn scores another one!

Anyways, Mr.L and I had to go all the way up to Salt Lake City to have an interview with the USCIS people (did I mention the interview on took us 15 minutes...and we have to drive 4 hours there?). We were too stoked to complain about anything, even the cold in SLC after the interview. Everything seemed to be extra pleasant to look at. Even the cold was all the more easier to bear. I am not sure if SLC is still in the autumn season or not because it snowed and the trees were bare.

Our trip to Salt Lake this time was a really fun one. I guess everytime I am in Salt Lake I have fun. But this time was really really fun because I had the whole agenda planned out. We went to the temple square to see some early Christmas decoration. I was so glad I went and saw the church welfare exhibition in the visitor center. Mr.L and I are really motivated to do some charity work now. We have been so blessed with all that we enjoy now and it is time to give to other less fortunate people in the world. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints has really done so much to improve the welfare of the people all over the world and as a member of the church, I should do my part too. I am so happy for the reminder during this short visit to the visitor center.

We got to have Dim Sum brunch with Lia and her beau. I have missed Dim Sum so much! I am so glad Hong Kong Tea House dim sum in Salt Lake was so good. It was not some lame Americanized chinese food like so many chinese restaurants in the U.S. I ate so much and I still can't believe how much I ate--$30 dollars worth of dim sum. Since it satiates my craving for dim sum, I guess it is so worth it.

We also went to Provo to meet up with my friend, Vicky, who is going on a mission. We had a little photoshoot session (Mr.L is a really good photographer, sometimes) and the pictures turned out to be gorgeous because a)We were gorgeous (hahaha!!!) and b) the park that we went to has gorgeous autumn-y sceneries. We also went to one of the BYU's museums. For some reason I always forget how big BYU actually is. It really is VERY big!!! I already know that I will be lost when I go to school there.

Provo, the day before the snow came.

Mr.L and I went ice-skating too! I haven't been ice-skating for so long! Like the 'brilliant' athlete in me, I skated so gracefully while holding on to the wall until I heard a "bam" on the far side of the rink that distracted me. I fell because a stupid teenager, who thought he was so cool, slammed into the wall on purpose and made me turn my head to see what happened. From then on, my skating skill went downhill. I fell three times and hurt my left knee so bad I had to leave the rink and sit outside on the bench. I still blame that teenager for my fall. I could have had a more fun time if he had not distracted me. Oh, he also skated pass me and taunted me by saying, "First time?" *Steam coming out of my nose* No, Mr. Love-to-show-off-with-your-pants-so-low-half-of-your-butt-is-hanging-out, this was not my first time skating. It was my first time skating after more 2 years of not being on the ice. Anyways, look at my bruise. It looked so horrible and it hurt!!

On our way home the next day, we stopped by Orem to have my photoshoot. Emily, the photographer that photographed me for the Mommy Model asked me if I would be one of her model for a bridal shoot. We were to model in some wedding and prom dresses for Peggy's Bridal. Our photos will be showcased on their catalogue and website. I was super excited for the opportunity because I love having my pictures taken by professional photographer...for free. I also get to learn some photography skills while I watched her shoot. Thus, hitting two birds with one stone. I will be posting the pictures when I get the disc.

It was snowing pretty heavily on our way home. We were going to head home right after the 3-hour photoshoot, but we decided we would brave the snow and drive to Manti. I had never seen that part of Utah before and I am so glad I went. Manti and the other small towns close by were so pretty in the snow. Unlike driving on the Freeway, we had to drive on smaller and more winding roads to get to our destination--the Manti Temple. It was so gorgeous in the snow! It sat on a hill not very far from the town. It was so quiet even though we came upon a party of people who were there for a wedding. I felt so serene even though it was so freezing cold. I think I will go back again, in summer, and I will bring a skirt with me.

On the way to Manti.

Manti Temple

Beautiful little town in the snow

A lake in the middle of nowhere. It's really pretty in the snowy day though.

On the way home.

This area is close to Bryce canyon and I love how the pine trees are still so green.

Can you tell that it was snowing really badly?

Our little weekend getaway was really fun and eventful. I am also very grateful that we got home safely. Driving on icy road in the heavy snow really is not fun. I kept praying that we'll not get into any accident. I am beginning to love road trips more and more. You just can't see so much and go places spontaneously on a plane. In short, I will go on more road trips in the U.S from now on...and we need to get a better car so we don't have to rent a car everytime we want to drive somewhere more than an hour away.

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