Monday, November 30, 2009

Story #239:Back, with lots of news to share.

My Thanksgiving break was GREAT!!! Totally, mind-bogglingly, extremely, exceedingly, exceptionally, extraordinarily, tremendously, immensely, hugely, intensely, acutely, abundantly, singularly, uncommonly, decidedly, particularly, supremely, highly, remarkably, really, truly, mightily, ever so; terrifically, awfully, fearfully, terribly, devilishly, majorly, GREAT!

I went to one of the bestest place on earth and decided I'll maybe go back there and raise my family there one day.

I have to go celebrate my Birthday today so I won't be able to share all about my fun Thanksgiving. But, I'll be back with A LOT of news and posts. Stay tuned!

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