Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Story #241: Thanksgiving+Family Reunion=

lots of laughter and tears and fun memories.

I love the Whiting family so so much! Mr.L's grandparents live in a small hill between Boerne and San Antonio, Texas. They call it the "Whiting Hill." Before I went to Texas, I had this prejudice about Texas. I pictured it as a place with many serial killers hiding in the forests waiting for victims. I supposed it was after that famous Texas Massacre figure that made me so terrified of this state. Fortunately, I was wrong. The people in Texas are friendly and nice. The air smell of the green leaves and damp earth. I loved it. It reminds me of Hawaii, and home.

As you might have read from my last post, I love love love Texas now. I think it is mainly because of Mr.L's family. They love me (they never let me forget that), and it made me happy to see Mr.L so happy when he's around his relatives. We had so many family activities together and I was able to feel the unity and love of this big family.

We flew in the day before Thanksgiving and were immediately greeted by kisses and hugs from granny, grandpa, dad, and lots of aunts and uncles and cousins. Mr.L is the oldest grandchild in the family. He is also the oldest great-grandchild of his great-grandpa Russell Whiting, who is in his 90's and still has a head of black hair. Therefore, all of his cousins are way small. The oldest cousin was only about 10. I had a lot of fun memorizing names, playing, and getting to know everyone.They all came to Texas from all over the U.S. We had about 90 people in the family reunion/Thanksgiving dinner the next day. The meal was fabulous and we had a great talent show and family photoshoot.

Enjoy the pictures taken at the dinner. I will have more posts coming up soon about the other things we do in Texas.

Of course. Mr. L's family is a hunting family. There were at least 5 of these in the house.
Granny bustling with making the perfect stuffing for the turkey.

The mobile home Mr.L lived in when he was young. It was only like 10 steps away from grandpa and granny's house.

This was one of the many deer prints I saw on the compound near the house.
Great-grandpa Whiting's old house. Look at all the antlers.
Granpa and granny's house
Thanksgiving dinner. We had to use the chapel because there were close to 100 people in the family.

All the cute cousins
The four generations: Youngest-- 23, Oldest--90+

This was one of my favorite pictures! Great-grandpa playing harmonica and little Adam and his bottle.
All of grandpa and granny's grandkids.
Family shoot
Granny playing a hillbilly's song during the talent show
One of the family traditions! Everyone in the family knows how to play "42" and they play it almost every night.

The next day while visiting great-grandpa at the nursing home. We had a talent show there because he went back to the nursing home early the night before. Everyone was crying when they sang stories about him when he was a young man and how he ran away from Idaho to Texas and had a family there.
I guess you can see wild deer pretty easily in Texas. They are so elegant!!

I will post more pictures soon!!! These were only the first two days of the trips. Enjoy!!

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