Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Story #242: Pictures sharing

After Mr.L gave me the camera I had been coveting for my birthday, I couldn't stop taking pictures. Not that I didn't take much picture before but this camera just totally give me the excuse to shoot and shoot and shoot. I feel like a photographer! Thanks to my photography classes I am a little bit more advanced than just using the auto setting on the DSLR. Check out some of the pictures taken. Note that I've only gotten the camera for about 2 days before we took off to Texas. So I still wasn't too familiar with it. All of these pictures are without post-editing and processing. A tip I learned from a fashion designer in Paris (through her blog) is that even with DSLR, it is still possible to take self-portrait, only, you don't hold it the way you hold your point-and-shoot camera, lest you drop your precious and expensive DSLR. You should always use a tripod and a remote control to take the pictures. If you don't have the remote control, you can either get one or use self-timer instead. Therefore, nothing can stop you from cam-whoring (I don't like that word but I don't want to use self-portrait either. You have another way of saying that?). *wink*

Mr.L 's cousins are so dang cute!!! I couldn't get enough of playing with them. Sometimes they were way too energetic we blamed ourselves for riling them up.

Cutest sisters

I was lucky the butterfly rested a little bit before taking off.
I have always been terrified of action shots, but I love this one.


That's Me! When we found this old and rusty truck, I was like, "OMG!! This is the best thing for an outdoor photoshoot!" So we took a ton of pictures by this truck/using it as a prop.


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